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[Feature] rollable cigarettes and twobacco!
the patch:
this adds a couple of things!
everythings been tested in game, as u can see in the streamable.
if you think the nicotwaine is a bit too nasty, please edit the numbers into something more reasonable, i dont 100% understand how the overdose code works and i was getting some kinda wonky results, but i think its manageable in its current state! (with help from a doctor ofc)
  • tobacco plant, avaliable in the seed vendor
  • twobacco plant, a mutation of the tobacco plant avaliable at 30 potency
  • rollable cigarettes! click on a tobacco leaf (or twobacco leaf) with some paper (or credits) to roll your own cigarettes!
  • nicotwaine, a chemical naturally found in the leaves of the twobacco plant. legend has it that its like nicotine... but better! (and more addictive and worse for you and with a high threshold really nasty overdose but lets not sweat the details <3)
the supplements:
video: (ive adjusted the damage numbers a little bit so the nicotine2 overdose isnt as devastating, other than that, this is up to date)

github compare:
Yes yes, very good. I suggested this to awkward dryad or you or someone so I claim all credit for regular tobacco, but I guess the "twobacco" is all yours.

I looked at the code breifly, looks fine except I don't think I saw you remove the stamina modifier in the "nicotwaine" in the on_remove() proc that you set it in the on_add() proc. Also, you should change the name of that value from "consumable_good" to something like "nicowaine" because "consumable_good" is already used by one or two reagents. Also, since it is a chemical that is more involved to create, you can probably get away with giving it a bigger stamina/regen buff.
ok ill look at adjusting some values!

i didnt change on remove since this is a child of nicotine, and the on remove would be the same as nicotines so why redefine
"Finally" - habitual smokers in SS13 and IRL
can we roll spliffs properly in game now
Can tobacco and tomato plants be spliced for tomacco?
(08-14-2019, 08:54 AM)Frank_Stein Wrote: Can tobacco and tomato plants be spliced for tomacco?

i have 0 idea how botany splicing works, but tobacco plants are pure nicotine, so you should be able to get tomatos with tomato juice and nicotine in em

ive updated the patch! nicotwaine should now have a stamina buff on the level of meth, and i did some readability for the code by giving nicotwaine its own stamina regen mod key, and i added an on remove
(compare has been updates)

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