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Vampirate LLJK2 DarkChis
I would think, the first time I insulted a player without warning I'd be greeted with a permaban and a locked forum account. I'm sorry if the way I'm addressing people is abrasive. I don't mean to come off as a bastard or condescending. If I am, I apologize.

But you're right. I don't deserve it. But we don't ask for grace or forgiveness just when we deserve it. I was a real bastard to you Huff, and if your words keep me from being unbanned that is a fair wage. I won't defend myself on this one cause I have no defense. Your testimony is well earned on my part.

I would also say though that Huff is a good example of the kind of scrutiny I'll be under. I have no doubt that if I fuck up just once, in any way, he will be happy to permaban me and see me banned. Again, I earned that.

But... I don't want to keep making my case for myself. I'll continue to reply to any questions or whatnot, but that's as much as I will try to make the case for myself.
After extensive discussions we've reached a consensus in that this appeal will be denied.

With all the previous, very convincing, appeals you've shown that there is no difference in behaviour and you have spent your trust capital with us. We see no value in repeating another iteration of this behaviour.

You've had your chances with us.
I understand. And thank you very much for hearing me out, and also being forthcoming in your criticism. I am genuine in my apologies. As a matter of growth I will try to internalize the things said here as an example of the damage my intelligence and words can do, and though I can't repair these relationships if it is of any comfort to anyone the reactions here struck a cord for me for just how much I need to never slip back to the person I was.

Huff man, your reaction in particular, and how visceral it was made me sad because it feels like I did real damage there. I hope you know it will stick with me and be a reminder when I feel myself losing my temper in the future of the damage my words can do.

Thank you again for considering my appeal, and be well

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