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Discount Dan's Quik-Nades
Discount Dan's Quik-Noodles, renowned for healthy chicken soup and a careful selection of spices comes with an integrated heating mechanism in every cup! And theres no way this could be weaponized, right?

Discount Dan's Quik-Nades  a fancy greater domestic space-bee

So, as you might have guessed already, Noodle soup cups can be turned into grenades.

How it works

Discount Dans Noodles come with an integrated heating system, which adds 2 units of pyrosium and 2 units of oxygen if there is enough empty space available. If theres only 2 units left, it will add 2u pyrosium, if theres one unit space left, it will add 1u pyrosium.
Every cup can contain 60 units.

Sleeping bee  To turn a cup of soup in to a WMD you need to heat your payload up to a temperature pretty close to the ignition temp, activate the heating mechanism and then throw the cup before the ignition temp is reached.

bee   This means that in order to get the maximum amount of heat, the cup must contain 56 units of your paylod and 2 units of oxygen. if you really want to squeeze in a little bit extra payload you can also use 58u of payload and 1u of oxygen.

bee   The pyrosium added through the heating mechanism is at room temperature, which means that it will cool down the payload and then start to heat the payload. Sadly, this makes it impossible to trigger the many chems which need 474k of heat. with 2 units of empty space you cant heat up anything above roughly 473k. with 1u of free space its impossible to heat up stuff at 467k+

bee  A proper temperature for most chems with a high activation temperature such as CLF3 is one degree below the ignition temp, with lower ignition temperatures you get a lot more leeway (for the common 374k chems  you need at least 367.5k with 2 units of empty space, or 371k with 1 unit of empty space). If you want to make sure your grenade works, you cant go wrong with heating the payload to 1k below its ignition temperature. Warning: any temperature not lower than 0.5k below the ignition temperature will ignite a chemical (373.6k will set napalm ablaze, for example.)

bee   In order to not blow yourself up with these, you need to throw the cups immediately after priming them. Its best to place your fingers over the hotkeys for use in hand and throw, press both of them with a slight delay and then immediately click where you want it to be thrown at. The good thing about this is that your victims will probably have no time to react or run away.

surprised fat and sassy space-bee Payloads fat and sassy space-bee
Smoke powder is a very good choice, obviously.
Combining different chems with the same ignition temperature can be a pretty good choice, especially the many 374k chems (dont forget Crank!)
A mix of chlorine, fluorine, and firefighting foam is easier to produce than a mix of crank and other 374k chems but still pretty powerful.
Phlogiston makes for a pretty good fire bomb, although Napalm mixed with other 374k chems seems to be a better choice in most situations.
The reagents needed to create Life. Probably ineffective though.
Or you could of course do FUN  things with these grenades and put drugs or lube in smoke or create a parrot grenade.

bee Most of the possible payloads are not as powerful as many payloads that can be activated with a beaker assembly, but the fact that the payload of cups explodes almost instantly allows you to throw in a second and third cup before your victims can stand up again.

Im not sure if this has been utilized by anyone else before, but I never saw anyone use or mention it.I hope the Information in this Guide was helpful Im sorry if im just an annoying newbie boasting about  obvious stuff.

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