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Minor Brigging revheads doesn't trigger end of game on Oshan Laboratory
I was the AI, playing rev earlier on Oshan Laboratory.

The first revhead had been gibbed, and then when the second and third were brigged, the round didn't end. HoS killed them, and then it ended.

Was asked by Infinite Monkeys to report this bug, tho it has an easy workaround (unless you're a silicon with stock laws).
Uh...I don't think it's supposed to?

Only time I brig rev heads is if I caught one or two in single digit minutes and wanted to give their followers a fair shake at getting them out.
I've ended a round by capturing and brigging revheads on cog1. I didn't realize it was a thing until we managed to do that.
Yeah, it's listed as a win condition on the wiki, along with station heads leaving the z-level:

My guess is that the code checking if a head is in the brig doesn't know where Oshan's brig is.

This matters mostly for RP purposes, because it allows for a rev round to be settled without violence.

Not that that would ever happen.
Kyle fixed this, the issue was that it was checking for brigged/spaced revheads every time someone died. Now it checks every 30 seconds. They have to be handcuffed, buckled to a chair and in the brig for the round to end though!
Does buckling them to a bed satisfy this as well or does it have to be a chair?

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