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Jumpy mutation exploit
If you manage to get two copies of the jumpy mutation, this round it was via starting as the freg ambassador and finding a frog jumpsuit, you can time them just right and lock your displayed location well south of where you actually are. To reproduce this, just get a frog jumpsuit and have jumpy mutation before equipping it. Click one followed quickly by the other and you should appear to be walking inside walls.

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wait a sec, how do you get two copies of an ability gene ?
(08-08-2019, 05:19 PM)kyle2143 Wrote: wait a sec, how do you get two copies of an ability gene ?

In this case it was the freg ambassador starting with it, then putting on the frog jumpsuit that also adds it. Never went out of my way to get two copies so can't be sure this can be done any time you find the frog suit if you swing by genetics for an injector. It can definitely be done by any freg ambassador though.
i think the getting two copies is the bug, the sprite being wrong thing has been caused since forever if timed with server lag
I'm pretty sure I've also had this bug in the past when (somehow) receiving two instances of the jumpy mutation via mutini.
i don't think this a bug.

it's doing what it should do but also being able to leap around the station really fast is amazing.
The bug (I'd assumed) wasn't being able to get two copies. Apparently that might actually have been the unintended bit. I was really just reporting the exploitable bit. I'm thinking on ways to get 3 copies to test this, because it kinda follows that doing this with one more copy if timed right would put your character sprite 3+ tiles south of where you really are. That'd be a serious combat advantage.

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