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[QoL] More consistent peeing into reagent containers
With this patch if you have a balloon / drinking glass / beaker / watering can in your active hand and it's not full you will pee inside of it instead of peeing onto the ground when you use *pee. That seems pretty intuitive to me and it makes things more consistent across the various reagent containers.
makes a lot of sense and would reduce the number of mentor helps by 30%

how will I meet quota after this is added??
Only in SS13 do you get patchnotes reading:

"[Quality of Life] It is now easier to pee into containers"

But really, thank you so much for making this. Really makes hobochem a lot easier!
As funny as it is to gather knowledge of multiple obscure pissing methods, this would definitely be a lot more intuitive for everyone going forward.
This is good. And I was just looking at pee code yesterday too. It's serendipity.

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