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Couturier's Mentor Application
Usual character name: Listel A. Sheerfield
BYOND username: Couturier
Recommended by (if applicable): Zafh, TheCannonMan
Goon servers you play: Goonstations 1 and 2

Reason for Application + Game Experience (300 word minimum):


Emma Yorkshire (my bestie!) vaguely suggested that I apply for mentor in November of 2018, but as I was starting a new job and had other responsibilities to consider, I delayed a decision. I have been dithering about considering this for eight months or longer. I tend to play a round or two per evening and on the weekends, but I have noticed a drop in mentors as well as an increase in the server population with many new faces. I mentioned this to Zafh recently and they suggested that I apply for mentor. I have been considering this for a few weeks as well before finally deciding to apply. Appropriately at the end of the month.

I started playing Goonstation on and off since 2012 under a different CKEY that I no longer use due to personal reasons, but never really became a regular until 2016 or so. I feel like Goonstation is a very welcoming community, with high diversity and the players generally respect and are kind to each other out of the game, while gleefully murdering each other in game.

I believe that I can contribute much in terms of both knowledge and as part of a cultural committee of mentors that new players look to for help and acclimation. Helping new players or interested players to learn things is its own reward and I think it makes everyone smile when you teach someone something and they understand it and murder you with it the very next round to demonstrate that they can do it on their own.

Insofar as experience is concerned; I am largely a medbay player. I know my way around all of the medical jobs and stations, as well as monkeys. I understand mechanics and the station network, engineering hellburns, and would consider myself above average at chemistry and botany. However, I did not do this alone, I had the help of Camilla Graves, Probably Scientist, Sov Exant, Soy Pensi, Horse Horsington, Wilbur Wright, and many others who were willing to teach me these things in order to grow as a player. Even today I am indebted to their help and owe my expertise to their instruction and patience. When I have time and medbay is not on fire, I like to teach new doctors how to heal properly and new mechanics how to be rude pranksters.

As for weaknesses in my style of play, I am completely unrobust; marginal wind shear would cut me in half. I have very minor interest in playing security outside of the very rare Detective. That said, I think (and this may be very wrong!), I get along with most everyone I encounter on the server, despite their willingness to murder me. Regardless of the outcome of this application, I will still continue helping players in my own way if they ask for it.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will): None that I am aware of. I have been in trouble a few times though
Yeah, absolutely. They're nice and they know a lot about the game, taught me personally some stuff about packets/signals a while ago. Good player, would be a good mentor.  spider
Couturier is super fun and cool and knowledgeable, and they're always pleasant to be around. They'd make a great mentor. Unfortunately, they've chosen Emma as their bestie instead of Roco, which means that with a heavy heart, I'll have to say no sad greater domestic space-bee

(Yes, give purple)
Listel is always good to see in medbay because I know that I probably won't be immediately butchered by whatever vaguely medical related person gets to me first. Probably.

purple listel 2day
Actually recognize that name. +1.
Enthusiastic yes, I've been impressed by her patience and knowledge.
Yes never a negative experience and I feel that Listel *gets* what SS13’s all about
I feel you're worthy of making the cut. Empathically yes.
Yes definitely
100% +1, Listel's one of the most pleasant people on the station and I'm confident she'd make a great mentor.

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