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Minor Zombification from vampires overrides DNR status
See title. I set DNR for the sole purpose of spiting the vampire that was in the process of killing me and still got revived as a zombie.
I'm not even going to check the code to see if this is intentional, it absolutely owns.
idk this is me personally but i always set dnr as a "im out for real please dont revive me in any capacity i will be gone" cos its more polite than being a useless hivemind member or mindslave clone or borg or something. dnr should prolly really be a "never revive me ever" button. it even ashes your brain if you try to borg someone whos set dnr!
(tho maybe i dont 100% agree with setting dnr to spite people)
While I agree that setting DNR just to spite people or to prevent people from gaining a gameplay advantage is rude behavior, it's consistent with how DNR works and fits with what it is.(If you get absorbed by a ling with DNR set you get booted to ghost instead of being put in the hivemind as well) There's been rounds where I get murdered and then have to do something else and don't want to be brought back into the round or I just want to observe instead of play. In these cases it's better that DNR does its job and players aren't forced to play if they don't want to.

I think specifically in this situation you could give the vampire something extra for their trouble to prevent people from even being able to use this mechanic to be jerks and spite them by denying them a thrall. Maybe trying to thrall someone who set DNR could give you some extra blood the first time you try it or something to compensate for the lack of a mindslave that they would have had? This'd be a way to respect people's wishes to not be revived when they set DNR while also not letting people use it in this way.
If the targeted person sets DNR you could just have the "thrall" become a normal zombie set to attack anyone on sight besides the vamp itself. Really just a resprited golem without the smoke.

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