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Lurkey's Mentor Application
Usual character name: Lurkey Lots/Not Lurkey (surprise, that was me all along)
BYOND username: Lurkey
Recommended by (if applicable): Tewf, Vextrom1
Goon servers you play: non-rp exclusively, never left goon3 while it was up

Reason for application + game experience: First found ss13 a little over a year ago (I think) looking for roguelikes and noticing a lot of people interested in games I liked also happened to love ss13. Just happened to try goon first and never left. 
Early on I exclusively played botany, took an interest in chem after seeing some of the old pro spessmen pulling off some really neat gimmicks and branched out into tsci and sol-related stuff from there. Really loved, and still love, how helpful the community is. A lot of really good players that had put a lot of time and effort into figuring things out (Ob64 taught me a lot of chemistry and toxins tricks I still use today, Tewf helped me a lot when I was learning tsci, this would be a really long list if it were all-inclusive) helped break down the more confusing mechanics, tips and tricks, and gave me a solid start.
I like to help new players (and older players trying new things) whenever possible, sometimes this takes a good chunk of my time out of a round but it's worth it to see somebody I'd helped a little build up their own style and invent their own gimmicks later on. I normally hang around chemistry and telesci when I'm not in debris or somewhere in maint, but have a solid enough understanding of most departments/mechanics to answer questions with the exception of more advanced engineering stuff. Pretty sure I'm like one of three or four people that ever set foot in pathology [b]and I love helping people with an interest in path get started. I spend a good bit of time dragging people out of trouble/healing/cloning/etc whether I'd actually rolled doctor/MD so have solid experience there too.[/b]
I'm already on for a nice chunk of my free time and already help people out every chance I get so it just seemed natural to put in an application for mentor.

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will): None
Lurkey's a fun player and really knows their spessman game. They've taught me a fair amount of things, just in the past month or so. I can attest that Lurkey's a thorough and patient teacher. Bonus points for being a pleasant person to talk to. +1
would make an excellent mentor
Lurkey is pretty much the only reason I know how to do pathogen efficiently , would make a great mentor +1
+1, has been very informative and helpful, especially in Chemistry. Would absolutely make a good mentor.
Yes, Lurkey would be an extremely good mentor! They helped me learn medicine when I first started playing, and did an awesome job of it, too.
Lurkey is an extremely knowledgeable player when it comes to SS13. He taught my pathology which is one of the more complex departments to work in. +1 from me.
I've been running gimmick rounds with Lurkey quite a long time now. We started in pathology, but then worked on a lot of toxins, chemistry, and cooperative antag gimmicks as time went on. Lurkey frequented my streams and never had an issue with using round-specific information he wouldn't have otherwise known in-game, so he can be 100% trusted with mentorhelp. While on stream, Lurkey was also one of the people frequently answering gameplay questions while my attention was occupied with the round. So, all in all, i feel he'll make a great mentor. Lurkey is a fantastic help to new players, super patient, and you can trust that he'll respond to your mentorhelps without using that information to expose, valid hunt, or target you in any way.

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