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Logique's HoS Application
Usual Character Name: Marvin Log
BYOND Username: Logique
I almost exclusively play non-RP Goon.

Reason for application: I want to have more power as security so I can better protect the innocent, or something like that

Security Experience: To be honest, I'm not even sure if my 3 month anniversary has come yet as of posting this, but uhh, might as well post early, right? I'm pretty sure I started playing sec about 2 months ago. What I love about sec is the level of interaction with other players. You get to talk to people and cooperate with others, all while hunting down enigmatic and tricky antagonists. Sure, most people hate us, but as HoS, I would have the authority to change security for the better, putting those power-hungry jackasses in their place. (Actually, I think I learned why real life cops are horrible as well, and it's probably because most people are just jackasses and shouldn't be given that much power.) Aaaanyways, I've sorta gotten off-topic here... I'd like to think I'm pretty robust, though I do slip up sometimes and make really dumb mistakes like using baton on harm intent... But I want to improve both as a player and a person, and I think HoS is a good role for that. You know, I probably haven't reached the 300 word minimum, and I can't be arsed to count them, so I should probably write some more experiences... I can blow up at times, and I'm trying to learn to have more self-control, but sometimes my emotions just flare up, you know? It's pretty easy to swear at people and call their mother fat when I have no risk of being punched IRL... But I'm trying to be a more empathetic person. I want to help people and make their experience here a better one, even if I get to be an antagonist. Okay, I just looked up "word counter" and found a website, and this filler sentence should get me to 300. I'm very sorry, but I can't think of anything else to write.

As for advice to sec players, I'd say people should give crew the benefit of the doubt, but they should also be ready to shoot first if there's an obvious danger abound. This ability to judge situations is what makes security so difficult, as one bad judgement could end up with you getting a sabre through the chest, but flashing and stripping everyone that looks suspicious is just a shitty thing to do. Also, half of the art of robustness is the ability to prepare for future encounters. Many fights are decided by one person just having better equipment than the other. Flashbangs for serial killers, calomel injectors for changelings, and holy water extinguishers for vampires can be the difference between life and death. I guess this also ties into why I want to be HoS, so I can open and distribute armory gear in dire times.

My favorite security moment was actually when I was mindslaved by a changeling. Another security mindslave and I set up a "food delivery service," where we arrested and dragged random citizens to security, where the changeling was waiting for his next meal. After delivering so much food, the changeling was gloating in comms, telling everyone that he was, in fact, a changeling. Suddenly, the detective barges into sec, goes horror form, and our master does the same, and all we could do was watch in horror as we had a hard time telling which shambling abomination was which. The detective changeling eventually stuns our master and devours them whole, and my partner in crime and I run for our lives. Things get even weirder when the changeling transforms into our deceased master, telling us that our master is back. I get incredibly confused about whether I still have to follow the orders of this changeling, because while our master is dead, he is still part of the hivemind, and therefore that changeling is technically partly our master. (I still don't know whether I was supposed to follow the new changeling, as my adminhelp was ignored.) As I kept thinking about this, the mindslave implant eventually wore off, and the changeling showed their face again in the courtroom, attempting to devour more crew. With the help of a traitor with a sabre, we were able to kill the changeling (though I lost my arm in the process). As I attempt to find a way to get a replacement arm, I hear in the comms that someone has a headspider inside of them. In a panic, I call out to them, telling them to run to medbay, but it was too late. As I went to confront this monster one last time, I saw the victim standing in the courtroom. She turns to me and transforms into my old master. They try to bargain with me, telling me they are my master and that I should follow their orders. "NEVER!" I reply, and the ling turns into an abomination one last time. With the power of the almighty loaf, I was able to bring down this loathsome beast, and just as they were drawing their last breaths... some idiot comes and suicide bombs us, killing us all. I would post an actual security story where I'm not mindslaved half of the shift, but I suck at remembering things, but this story was so amazing, it's been stuck in my head for a decent amount of time.

As for gimmicks, my favorite is freedom roulette, where an antag must survive successive Russian roulette trigger pulls to earn their freedom. 1 pull of the trigger would get them permabrigged, 3 pulls would let them be borged, 6 pulls would them walk free but with no items, not even their shirt, and 12 pulls would give them complete freedom, with even their contraband given back to them. The antag can drop out and accept their current "punishment" at any time, but if they keep going and get unlucky, well, they die. I was a also thinking of doing a trivia show using a camera helmet and some trivia question website, where the crew can watch the prisoner answer trivia questions, with.. harsh punishments for getting them wrong.

And here's a bee drawn from memory:

[Image: nojFWQ6.png]

i like bees
Great app! I think you need just a little bit more experience as a cop before I can give a +1.

Try to emphasize your communication with other officers. Being robust really doesn’t matter in regards to being a HoS; what does are managing officers, being encouraging and not afraid to keep people in check.

Your head is in the right place and I definitely think in due time, as you grow as a player and really feel out security, you’ll be a shoo in.

For now, i have to give the world’s softest no.

Btw- what really stood out in your app was your willingness to point out your weaknesses. It’s an excellent character trait.
I do have to agree with OMJ's points on this one. Your head is certainly in the right place, and with time I think you'd make an excellent HoS. However, you do struggle with certain things like emotion as you have pointed out. Ignoring what you're feeling and relying on logic is difficult to manage, especially when the person you have in cuffs his berating you incessantly. Until then I'm going to give a +0 on this one. If I happen to see something that changes my mind, I'll adjust it to a +1.

On a side note, I would like to elaborate on the changeling story a little bit, since it was one of my favorite antag rounds.

So the changeling battle was where things got confusing. I had managed to mind slave Security AND get two traitor PDAs. I was effectively a cloaking, gun toting murder machine by the time the fight happened. The fight itself was the best I've ever seen. We were shooting each other with acid and guns, ripping each others arms off, and punching each other into tables. Eventually I managed to stun the Shambling Horror long enough for me to devour it, at which point my DNA count rose to 16. There was a bit of confusion though, as my mindslaves thought I was the one who got eaten and not the other way around. They fled, and I eventually broke out of Security. When I got out, I immediatly tried to eat someone only to find out that they had a c-saber on them. I got c-sabered to hell and back and died, but not before head spidering the traitor when they were sure I was dead. They failed to notice until it was too late, so I got a c-saber and a new body. I then attempted to reconcile with Marvin before realizing that his mindslave was up. At which point a battle started between Marvin, armed with a loaf, and a shambling horror with a c-saber. Turns out loaves insta crit and stun, so Marvin got a hold of my saber and impaled me with it. At that point, the microbombs in my new body went off, exploding and killing everyone in the courtroom.
It looks like a bit more experience would help this application. It is denied for now, but please post another application after you've had a chance to get some more sec rounds in!

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