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AI Announcement Verb
The AI should have a verb in robot commands that opens up a text box that lets you input an AI announcement, like the announcement computers heads of staff can use. Ideally it'd have a similar cooldown. This would let the AI make big important announcements which they should be able to do.
Yes please. I don't even play AI but I want this. Being the loud talky radio voice is pretty much their primary mode of interacting with the round and easily making announcements should be part of their loud talky radio repertoire.
For the love of god, please. If the god damn quartermaster has their own dedicated announcement computer, why the heck can't the AI?

This is one of the few suggestions that not only sounds reasonable, but sounds fairly trivial to implement. It might be as simple as just using the same procs that regular announcement computers use and spoofing an ID for the AI's name.

Even simpler of a suggestion - just leave an ID with the name "AI" in an announcement computer in the AI's core. Literally don't have to add any code - just a quick map tweak. Well, maybe some code, just to make a special computer that generates with the ID inside of it.

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