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Major Rajaijah doesn't seem to work
I have recently discovered the recipe for Rajaijah but failed to get anyone to attack anyone else. I did some testing and apparently the part where the AI is supposed to take over and attack other people does not seem to work.

I did several tests where I smoked 40 units of Rajaijah near some monkeys, me as well as another actual player (and Shitty Bill). All of us got all of the other effects of Rajaijah (misssteps, messages, sounds, brain damage), but none of us seemed to attack anyone else or ourself. Eventually we all simultaneously died from brain damage.

Has anyone else had Rajaijah work recently in their rounds? Perhaps something got broken accidentally.
i put a band aid over the bug, its not perfect but it'll probably mostly work for now (need to rewrite the way the raj counter works later)
update : did the proper fix

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