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HOS Application - Pointer Ulery
Usual character name: Pointer Ulery
BYOND username: Chrisb340
Recommended by (if applicable): OMJenkins
Goon servers you play: Goonstation

Reason for application: I enjoy playing security and I think I would enjoy taking a larger role in the department every now and again, to act as a leader and mentor. While it is not essential to have a Head of Security, they generally serve as a bastion of sense and stability, which can be an asset to the crew when things get hectic – especially if other commanding roles are being erratic or giving orders that are unreasonable or outright hostile.

Security experience:
I’ve been playing security for a long time now, and I believe I’m quite reasonable as far as my playstyle goes. I try to make an effort to hear both sides of a story, but can also act quickly if and when I see serious crimes occur. I am well-versed in using the security equipment, and enjoy using the forensic tools to track down traitors. I could stand to get better at using the port-a-brig, however – I often forget to use it to save time dragging cuffed suspects halfway across the station to security, so I’ve been making an effort to do that more often. I am not the most robust player, but I am well-practiced at using the tools available to security to engage and arrest people who need arresting.

I try to be fair when I play security. Security officers can get a bad rap at times, because they are one of the roles on the station that hold the most power, and can attract players who enjoy asserting themselves over others. I think that I am responsible when it comes to recognising when a crime warrants minor or major responses, depending on what has occurred. Lenience is important when dealing with minor crimes, and I think that traitors generally deserve the benefit of the doubt until they’ve explicitly done something seriously wrong.

Traitors and security officers are two sides of the same coin – both groups play a significant part in dictating the fun and enjoyment of other players’ rounds. Overzealous security is one of the worst things to deal with. Over the years, I’ve played in rounds where I felt I was punished by sec for amounts of time inordinate to crimes or actions that I took part in. These negative experiences have been as important for my playstyle as positive experiences, as I try to look at security sentences and punishments from my own perspective, and consider whether I would be fine with the punishment handed down.

What advice would you give to other sec players?
The most important piece of advice in my mind when it comes to security, is that it is better to be an ineffectual security officer than an overzealous one. It is essential when playing security to recognise that you are playing with actual people, and that you are not the only player trying to have an enjoyable round. Figuring out what is worth following up on and what is worth leaving be is an essential part of being a good security officer. I’d much rather be the officer who slips, drops their baton and gets beaten by the traitor they were trying to catch than the officer who arrests two people for brawling and brigs them for five minutes.

Aside from the importance of learning about the various security tools and equipment, I’d also suggest security officers develop rudimentary medical abilities. There are many times throughout security work where either a victim or a caught antag will require medical assistance and/or borging, and medical teams will not always be around to help. Catching an antag is one thing, keeping them alive can be a different matter.

Describe any differences in your playstyle when part of a full security team and when being the only security officer.
When I’m the single officer, it feels quite similar to being a sheriff – you have no-one to answer to (unless mods/admins if you’re being shit obviously) and you make decisions about appropriate steps by yourself. Depending on the round type, this can either be a small issue or a huge problem. When I’m playing the lone officer, I try to patrol the whole station frequently, as the onus to protect falls solely on me. If necessary, I might seek help from heads of staff or the captain to get support.

When I’m part of a team, I’m happy to work closely with the crew. I make an effort to stay active on comms, and provide updates when necessary to ensure everyone is on the same page. I also like working with a team because once an antagonist is caught, appropriate punishments can be decided on by multiple people – it’s always good to have a decision ratified by someone else to make sure you’re being reasonable. I feel that it’s easier to be more relaxed if there’s a full team, because it means that the responsibility of protecting the station does not fall squarely on my shoulders. That’s not to say that responsibilities are negated, but rather I feel more secure in knowing there’s often someone to back you up, which is nowhere near guaranteed when you’re the solo officer.

Write a poem to convey your thoughts on security/NanoTrasen/space/bees/anything related to SS13.
I learned about poems a month or so ago, so I did a couple of types!

Thunder of black boots
Great wave of red uniforms
Bane of greytiders

Fuzzy, friendly
Buzzing, stinging, regurgitating
Mortal enemies of owls
Draw a picture!
I do hope this works, I've never uploaded anything to Imgur before. If it doesn't show, let me know.

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will): None.
Pointer is a good officer and should have a hat
pointer is the most consistent officer I've had the pleasure of playing with in a long time. they have no discernible weakness. one of the best communicators I've ever seen as well.

Pointer handles just about everything as well as possible while being reasonable. If he's a cop I basically see him as vice HoS and I'm pretty sure I've let him run it once without being even remotely disappointed. He's great and would make a fine addition to the roster of HoSes we have currently.
Pointer usually comes across as a very dependable officer/secman when I see them in sec roles. They definitely have what it takes for beretship.
I believe that they'll certainly be able to point new officers in the right direction.

Never seen anything but good plays and sec work by Pointer, definitely a +1.
Pointer's one of the best sec players around today. Nothing but good experiences, consistently looks into and resolves issues in a measured way,  would love to see the guy on HoS.
From my experience, Pointer is a very pleasant and dependable Sec Offx +1
Pointer is a good lad, I'll give him my points
Pointer is a fantastic secoff who absolutely should get his beret immediately. Very reasonable and understands the role well. +1
Yeah, Pointer is real good.

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