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Role of OOC on the RP Server
Hey all!

I think it's 3 years past due we had the talk about the purpose of OOC on the roleplay server!

Basically, we've had the topic come several times of what is appropriate to decide OOC vs IC. For example, in instances of severe server lag where a restart might fix the issue, is it okay to say "OOC: UrsulaMajor: Yo guys this lag is redonkulous, how do y'all feel about a shuttle call?"

and if so,  in what circumstances is that NOT okay?

in other roleplay environments, there's a base expectation that the players are on the server to roleplay and not to "win", and so you'll see a lot more ooc communication about stuff in both global OOC ("how do we feel about a group sol run?") and local OOC ("do you want to roleplay our characters having an argument and try to get people to exchange messages for us instead of talking directly?")

there's also certainly a place for more OOC communication between players in general! Like if somebody does something really funny or cool, it's totally okay to be like "LOOC: Yo that was totally badass"

or if we need to have more discussions like this one, like, it'd be great if we talked about it more in OOC in between or at the beginning of rounds :^]

ultimately, roleplay is about community and i think we should feel more empowered to talk about stuff like this on the RP discussion board. There can never be a fully articulated perfect set of RP rules, so these discussions are important to have every now and then 🤠
Roleplay is kinda about making gameplay more fun by playing in a way or manner that is different from something you'd usually do. With that in mind, I think the aforementioned example would be completely fine to me and it would be silly to get upset over it, as someone is just trying to make the gameplay experience less obnoxious, even at the cost of momentarily breaking immersion

Also I think less people harping on others for "Ick ock" when theyre asking newbie questions would be nice. Its goon, not [Insert Heavy RP server name here]. We're playing to have fun and shouldn't be so uber strict.
I think it should be considered on certain levels of problem, in order.

Worst - Adam just killed me with an explosive, obvious traitor. (Obvious reason is obvious.)
Really Bad - OOC:Who wants to start a death match at the boxing room? (Because the game is about social interactions and isn't PUBG, this just feels dumb.)
Bad - Can someone please go to science and clone me so I can keep playing? (This is a really fast way to make me take out a brain and feed it to a monkey.)
Forgiveable - OOC:Well first you need to place the canister at this spot. OOC:FUCK (Everyone makes mistakes, don't chastise them when they clearly feel bad.)
Reasonable - LOOC: I want to do something but it'll probably kill one of us. Is that okay with you? (Generally shouldn't do antag things, but if it'll make the round fun for everyone involved I don't see why not.)
Good - Announcement: The clown is to be arrested for turning my room into a slipping hall of death! OOC:Good clown (Everyone sees the announcement, so it's not telling people things they wouldn't know.)
Good - The lag is terrible. Maybe resetting the round would fix it? (Calling the shuttle can substitute reset. Asking to do this in character is a lot to ask, especially if you're in a situation where people can't hear each other.)

Other various examples and what not.

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