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Critical Having connection failed issues? Look at me
Hello, for the past few weeks there have been many reports of issues connecting to either of the servers, this is an ongoing problem that we've been investigating and this thread will act as a log detailing the issue and what steps we're taking to resolve it (and ideally culminating in the successful resolution of the problem).

The issue
When connecting to either server, byond will reply with a "Connection failed" or "We are having trouble reaching the byond server" message. This occurs intermittently, meaning repeated attempts to connect will eventually succeed. The issue seems to occur when connecting either from external links (goonhub, the wiki, etc) or directly through the byond pager, although there have been unsubstantiated reports that connecting directly via the pager yields a higher success rate. This issue only appears to occur for goonstation servers.

Technical details
When the issue occurs, it appears as if no attempt is made to connect to the physical server hosting the game. This means it is either the fault of the byond hub, a network issue on the physical server itself, or a network issue surrounding the physical server (e.g. some busted router in the datacenter).

Steps we're taking
I have spoken directly to Lummox (guy who runs byond) and he suggested that it's far more likely to be a server network issue than a hub issue. As a result I have contacted the hosting provider in an attempt to troubleshoot the issue. At the time of writing they have responded requesting outputs from various debugging tools, but have not yet responded after I supplied them (naturally they are glacially slow at providing support). I am unsure if they will find anything of note that will help (output looked ok to me...), and if they don't, I will approach Lummox again to troubleshoot further.

Thanks for reading and we apologise for how annoying this issue is. We hope to get it resolved ASAP and I'll post further updates in this thread as they occur.
We've uncovered the underlying problem! Toots

We've pushed out something that should help mitigate the issue, so you should see it a lot less often. BYOND will also be pushing out a patch that will fully resolve it at some point in the future!
After yesterday post I have been consistently seeing 'Connection closed.' on attempting to connect to server, often lasting for 10-20 minutes at a time. My network doesn't seem to be the problem as everything else is working just fine.

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