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HoS Application - TheMaskedMan2
Usual character name: Weaverly Webb
BYOND username: TheMaskedMan2
Recommended by (if applicable): N/A
Goon servers you play: Both 1 and 2. Depends on mood. RP is for when i'm feeling serious. 2 is for when I wanna be more goofy. Also I might swap to 1 if I die on 2 or vice versa, y'know.

Reason for application:

First of all, i've noticed there aren't many HoS's at all, and I think this is detrimental to the server itself. Sure, I do tend to see one every now and again, but for the most part I find that there is rarely if ever an HoS. Almost every time I have seen one though I find that rounds have been more fun and fair. A lot of people tend to join Security and be quite terrible at it, to be frank. I don't mean in robustness, just in their philosophy while playing. Not by any fault of their own, (usually), but just because there's nobody there to show them the ropes, guide them, or make sure what they are doing is "Fun" for the playerbase as a whole. They get told their job is to "Stop the baddies" and they just go mental on em.

It's good in my opinion to have an experienced HoS on shift to prevent abuse of power by Captains/Sec Guards. I'm personally not really interested in the power itself, because in all honesty it isn't even that much. I'd ideally like to keep the Security team generally in shape and actually preventing antags from destroying the entire ship, or Security Guards from brigging someone for 20 minutes for breaking a window. As well I would enjoy having the authority to decide "What to do" with antags, and that can allow me to prevent Security from executing that traitor for having a PDA, when I can keep their round going otherwise.

Besides that, I admit I also really want to see items from the Armory actually used responsibly to combat threats to the station. At the current moment it either reminds locked all round, or somebody breaks in for the shotguns, when those tools can definitely help the Security team at times. I also feel like I trust myself for choosing the "Right Time" to use them, as opposed to some officers who try to hack in at round start.

Security experience (300 word minimum):

Quite a bit, actually. But it's hardly the only job I play, I bounce around. I tend to lean towards Detective as it's nice to have my own fancy office. Though recently i've been playing a bit more. Primarily because i've been seeing a lot of shifts with either no Security at all, or only one lonely officer. These rounds wind up being antag murder fests with no real way for the crew to combat them. So I started to play Security Officer more to try and circumvent the stomp.

During my first rounds of Security I was admittedly pretty poor at the job. At least in philosophy, and I partially blame that due to the complete lack of guidance for Security forces most shifts, something I hope with more HoS's can be prevented as much. Anyone just starting is handed a bunch of powerful stun tools and told "Stop the baddies." That's ripe for abuse, and if a HoS was more common I likely would've turned to them and more quickly caught on to the general style of Security.

I'm a bit happier to admit now i've loosened up and gotten the hang of things more. When delivering punishments towards captured crew, I find myself being very lenient, even towards confirmed antags. (Depending on severity/repeat crimes of course.) I'm not really interested in shutting down an antag players round 10 minutes in because they slipped on a banana peel, as that makes for a boring shift for the crew, the antag, and the rest of the security team. I'm much more compliant in confiscating their contraband and brigging them for a few minutes.

Generally I don't think Security should ever be using lethals or intent to kill unless you are dealing with rampaging murderers or something like a Changeling. One round, for the sake of experience, we managed to kill a Changeling, and a lot of the crew was much more inclined to gib the corpse. I was on the side of borging it - but there was a HoS on and they opted instead to clone them into a humanized monkey without their ling powers, and host a trial. That was a very fun round, and I think it was also more engaging for the Ling instead of just being tossed in the crusher.

As well very recently I have had a round where I was a Detective, and there was a rogue Wizard, needless to say, we wound up killing eachother in a bout of bullets and fireballs. I'm not opposed to violent force, but I always feel as Security it should be the second option, you should prefer to use non-lethals, and only result to lethals if it's required. After I was cloned, I insisted we clone the Wizard and hold a trial - it went very well actually, and we wound up finding the Wizard innocent and allowing them to become part of the crew and ran around creating omnizine golems. Generally more engaging for the entire crew. Also people turned into birds. That's fun. That round could have been a typical wizard murder-fest by we managed to turn it into something unique. I'm proud of that.

That I believe is very engaging and much more interesting Security behavior than just killing the antag and being done with it. This goes doubly-so for the RP server, where interactions are much more encouraged and important. Interrogating and judging antagonists and traitors on the RP server is some of my most fun RP experience as Security. As well I admit it's nice to have the "Power" to handle situations, because you can also handle the crew itself from being too eager to kill the antags when they can easily be brigged or borged or what have you depending.

Furthermore I should touch on the fact that some Security turns a blind eye towards crew generally breaking the law. Now i'm not advocating for "Shitcurity" to brig people for punching someone once and looking for any excuse to brig others, but there's a line that can be drawn where you shouldn't ignore a crew member breaking into places for gloves. Of course there are a few reasonable times when this is acceptable, like half the station has exploded in an atomic fireball, you obviously should maybe not be focused on the chef breaking a window more than the mad bomber. But for one I like to also not let anyone run around with full access and security gear because "They are hunting antags". I'm rambling a bit at this point, but overall I think i've played Security quite a bit and have improved substantially and have enough experience to understand the role and what makes it fun, which is:

Being understanding that the other people in the round are all players. You should maximise fun, not only for yourself, but for the crew as well. Even the antags. It's a balancing act of playing the game, and you are given the power to keep the order so to speak of the round. If you stomp too heavily on the antag, the round is boring, as I learned in my early experience as Security. If you don't do much at all and just goof around, the station quickly becomes a smoldering crater, and of course I can't stress communication enough. Not only between officers, but with the crew itself. Keeping them informed that there is a dude with a shotgun and grenades at the bar can get crew out of the dark.

Answer two or more of the following:

    What advice would you give to other sec players?
-Communicate, not only with other Security, but the crew as well, don't be an asshole. Don't permabrig people, try not to wordlessly arrest everyone in a 10 mile radius because he unscrewed a door and is wearing a gas mask. Continue to communicate. Refrain from murdering even confirmed antags unless it's absolutely nescesscary. If you must kill them, try to borg them at least. It's about their fun too. Even with someone entirely deserving of a murder - I would recommend doing a public execution as opposed to wordlessly beating them to death in Maint. Try to make it a bit engaging.
-Learn what your tools are and how to use them. If you need to practice on a monkey or something go for it. Understand what you have at your disposal so you can understand what exactly you are doing.
-Don't break the law. Nothing is worse than seeing a hypocritical Security Officer running around hacking into places, breaking into the Armory at round start, or stealing IDs so you can "Better hunt antags".

    Describe any differences in your playstyle when part of a full security team and when being the only security officer.
Well, first of all, being part of a team is a lot easier and allows you to take a bit more of a relaxed tone. At least in my experience. I don't mean this as in you can slack off or anything, certainly not, but there is something comforting about knowing that you have other officers that will have your back if something goes wrong.

Compare that to being alone and it's quite stressfull in my experience, when alone I tend to focus more fully on major crimes, not much ticketing or dealing with that annoying assistant when there are 5 traitors running around. Since the Security of the station is entirely up to this one officer, I am also a bit harsher and quicker in responding to threats, mostly because I know i'm one of the only people on station geared to stop them. I'll admit it usually winds up in me being murdered. Generally I act a lot quicker alone and a tad harsher since it stresses me out. When I have a chance I try to recruit crew to be "Deputies" and give them a flash, a cuff, and a headset. Little unorthodox but it's saved me more than a few times. I've also been betrayed a few times. I do think it's fun though.

Answer one or more of the following fun questions (because it's important for the HoS to be fun):

    Write a poem to convey your thoughts on security/NanoTrasen/space/bees/anything related to SS13.
Do you hear that?
It's a buzz.
Do you see that?
A flash of yellow.
What is it?
It's a bee coming towards you!
It's deputy Buzzy!
It warms in your heart.

('u'[[)>    Bzzz..
    What's a security gimmick that you've ran or wanted to run?
I always wanted to start a "Rehabilitation" program where I get a bunch of Antags and try to teach them to be normal members of society, teach that Ling that eating people is a "No no", and tell that Vampire that "Blood from crew members is not cool." I've never had a chance to run it because i'm not sure if it's quite frankly possible. Potentially on the RP server as HoS I could manage something.

Another gimmick idea is banishing people to adventure zones. I've seen it done a few times but have never managed to convince the rest of the department to do it myself. I just think it would be thematic to send a Changeling to Theta for example. Gets the antag out of everyones hair, they can fool around in the adventure zone, and then maybe they find a way back and manage to murder everyone.

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will):

I've been antag banned before for antag fishing some time ago. I was in a really grumpy position and very frustrated with my RNG at the time and was only playing to try to get Antag. No real excuse for that, but I sat out the ban and appealed it. It was really scummy of me and i've learned from my mistake since then.

Final Notes:
I may not be the best player around, I am far from perfect, and I am sure some people have seen me goofing around a lot in other roles, or going on murder-times when I get antag and I feel like having something cathartic. Though I believe that behavior is behind me at this point, and it doesn't extend to Security. There's a certain responsibility that comes with being an officer that tends to run contrary from being some goof of a geneticist or assistant. I think i've done pretty well so far in promoting a generally more "Positive" attitude as Security. In the past I would murder antags, hard. One round I managed to get 7 vampires. I look back on that and can't help but roll my eyes at how harsh and "Validy" I was. I'm 100% confident in saying that i'm past that after so much experience in the role, and generally I think I can help steer other Officers away from such "Validy" behavior. I've found rounds much more fun with a relatively competent Security team that tries to keep players in the game.

Critique is welcome fellow bumbly bees.
Weaverly is a great sec officer, is self aware of their impact on the round, and generally pleasant to play with whenever I've played sec with them. I'd give them a beret any day.
Good attitude, good app, good player. +1
A very noticeably good player all around. Seems to know their way around sec.

deffos yes
yes +1
I remember Weaverly vaguely, they were great at the job and an amazing asset to have on board, beretta for they
Definitely a +1 from me, Webb's a lot of fun to play with and knows her way around the role.
It appears I have been mistaken, I redact my +1 but hope for the best big grin
Weaverly is a good sec officer; very fun to play with!


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