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Chrisb340's Mentor Application
Usual character name: Pointer Ulery

BYOND username: Chrisb340

Recommended by (if applicable): Flourish

Goon servers you play: Goonstation (or Goon #2 if that’s what it’s called), pretty much exclusively.

Reason for application + game experience:  
I hadn’t really considered applying for mentor until today, when it was suggested that I do it. I always felt that mentors needed to be pretty much all over the various aspects of the game, but through discussion with other players I’ve come to realise it’s not necessarily about knowing everything, but more primarily about being willing to teach what you can - and learn as well.

I’ve been playing SS13 for about two and a half years now, and I really enjoy the Goonstation. Admittedly, it’s the only one I’ve really played, but I’ve never felt a need to go to another server because I love the atmosphere here. Over time, I’ve learned a lot about many different jobs in the game – civilian, security and medical primarily, and I’ve been branching more into engineering as well, of late. Part of the fun of SS13 is learning how to do things well and efficiently, and a lot of my ability and knowledge of the game comes from people who were willing to take time out of their shifts to help me. So many players on the server are incredibly friendly and willing to help, and I’d like the opportunity to further my own knowledge by helping others to improve theirs.

Getting new blood onto the server is rarely a bad thing, and SS13 can be a frightening game at first glance, with a significant learning curve. As cheesy as it sounds, I like the idea of being able to give back and help other people over those initial hurdles – and provide assistance to older players where I can as well. I think I have a fairly approachable attitude and I make an effort to assist people if and when I see that they need help. I understand that mentoring is a difficult task, and requires patience and practice – I’m willing to put in the effort, and help where I am able, as well as keep meta information to myself and not let it affect my play.

Finally, I think that I can improve my own skills through mentoring. I often stick to roles I know – becoming a mentor will encourage me to branch out and try new jobs, so that I can provide more well-rounded assistance across as many fields as I can.

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will): None, as far as I know of.
Pointer Ulery is a good and helpful spaceman. Mentor them 2day.
(07-08-2019, 04:34 AM)Flourish Wrote: Pointer Ulery is a good and helpful spaceman. Mentor them 2day.

I've had generally good experiences with Pointer, and their application makes me believe they have the right attitude for a mentor position. +1
Pointer's been around a long time and knows their stuff. We can always use more mentors, and I'm sure they'd make a good one.
Make it so
Point for Pointer, always nice to seem them in sec and don't remember a bad interaction.
(07-08-2019, 05:56 AM)OMJ Wrote:
(07-08-2019, 04:34 AM)Flourish Wrote: Pointer Ulery is a good and helpful spaceman. Mentor them 2day.



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