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Minor Nano-fabricator interface doesn't work
The nano-fabricator interface doesn't work. You know, the devices that allow you to make custom mining tools, weapons, instrument parts...(This was on Cogmap1.) Whenever you try to choose a material, you can't; it shows the list of materials that have been inserted, but there is nothing that lets you pick them. Therefore, you can't actually make things, and you can't eject the materials either.


What's really weird is that it works for some people. Last round, a couple of miners were able to make some powerful weapons, then they ran off...and the two of us who were left couldn't make anything to mine the compacted stone. Not only that, someone had put all the erebite in the nano-fabricator, and we couldn't get it out to make stuff with! Maybe it has to do with whether you updated Byond or something?...
You need chui enabled to be able to use the menu.
This has been fixed by forcing the popup to use chui (even when you have chui disabled). This is necessary because the code powering the popup was never designed to work without chui, and thus summarily broke when deprived of it.

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