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Map Vote - Allow us to see the results
Pretty simple suggestion.

Make it so that when the vote ends it shows us the score and what each map got. Something like:

CogMap1 won with 8 votes!

Horizon - 4 votes.
CogMap2 - 7 votes.
Oshan - 6 votes.

Why this is a good idea: It will actually encourage people to vote more because they will see something like "Oh man, the map I like was only 1 vote off, if I voted, I would've won!"
I wanna see results
I see literally no reason people should't see results.
I was thinking about this myself seeing how many times Cog1 keeps getting picked after almost every vote possibly due to lack of people voting to begin with.

Adding a counter showing what maps and how many votes they are getting during the vote could bring more attention to the map voting in general.

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