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Major Constructing something in front of QM stops crates from spawning (COG 1)
I used a blueprint maker and copied the bar schematics, which I then made in front of QM.  Apparently, this prevented crates from spawning and coming to the station.
In front of QM or in the passage for the crates? Do they not spawn at all or do they stay in space?
The place where the crates come in. All I have is what other people said, so it's possible they still spawned but didn't shoot to the station.
Your construction likely covered the one-tile area that signifies the target direction for crates to be flung. Without that area, crates just chill.

No real way to fix this without completely changing the way QM is handled.
Can you not replace the turf with one that cant be built upon? That way they would atleast spawn
I thought I mentioned making it impossible to build something on top of it after John said something but it must of been a thought I never acted on.
Fixed. You are no longer allowed to build girders/lattices on area/supply markers which handle all the QM interractions. You CAN still build walls between them, meaning that QM has to bother to go out into sea/space to fetch their crates because someone is a dick.

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