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unban me plz
Who banned you?: marquesas
Byond key: a bear irl
Date of Ban: 2 years?
Specified Reason for Ban: "6 years later, kingston is still kingston, killed a guy by injecting him with floorpills" 
Ban Length: for ev er

What led to the ban? i injected a guy i thought was screwing around/ok with being injected with floor pills, but was actually trying to fight me for some reason i don't recall, with floor pills (i dont know if it was actually floor pills but apparently he died, rip)

Why am I appealing? / Why should I be unbanned: regarding my current ban reason, it really was a misunderstanding, and i was surprised (but not too surprised, considering) when i was banned. in general, i'm interested in playing ss13 again and the game and this server particularly have changed a lot since i last played. yes, i have been banned, unbanned, and rebanned a lot, and yes i caused a lot of headache and made a lot of people real mad* in the past, but it's been eight years since that and two since this last ban, so in summary: cmon unban me, pretty please  

Which rule did you break? as one of the foremost ss13 ban experts & historians, i assess this as a rule zero/sploded 
Evasion Attempts: none 

*jay wolff, if you're out there, that booze forcefeed into shocked limeaid(?whatever the sobering up soda was) vending machine incident still makes me laugh when i think about it to this day, but i ruined way more of your rounds than i should have.

character minimum
The events leading up to your original ban are older than dirt and a few of us are willing to believe you've changed. I have gone ahead and removed your ban. Let me know if you still can't connect and we'll try to resolve it.
If you cant not fuck up by now, all I can say is jfc

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