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HoS Application: Dill Behrt/TDHooligan
Usual character name: Dill Behrt (Formerly Eduardo Faust)

BYOND username: TDHooligan

Goon servers you play:
Predominantly Goon 2.
I do play RP 1, though less frequently now.

Reason for application:
I’ve tried HoS a couple times during Fridays and had a good time, and now would like to be able to pick the role in the best position to organize and help newer players with Security.

Security experience (300 word minimum):
Recently I’ve started to play a lot more security to improve my robustness against the average spaceman and think it’s sharpened my robusting skills to at, the very least, a competent level. I frequently play as less combat-oriented roles and have a strong grasp of how each department can cause havoc. However, both when playing security and non-security roles, I often notice that security players can be a little inexperienced with how to handle certain situations, such as plasma leaks or werewolves. Being in a role able to communicate with both security and the heads of the station would allow me to conveniently determine the stations’ status and guide Sec appropriately, without having to awkwardly shoehorn myself into the role as HoP or Captain, who both have arguably more important roles on the station.

While my experience explicitly choosing security is comparatively limited, it was predominantly fuelled by the negative press around security and the idea of spending an entire round simply dealing with innocent players trying to rush the security arsenal and complaining as they get detained. The security role has, however, been relatively underpicked and, as a result, many early-game rampage traitors have been left completely free to do as they please, killing much of the crew in 10-20 minutes and drawing out rounds to the two-hour mark. 

I often play head roles, who have access to similar tools, and frequently join in jailing traitors. I’ve made plenty of slip ups in this time, from underappreciating the power of the flash (and as a result, losing my stun baton and getting stunned with it), to overestimating it and getting destroyed by a man in a welding mask.

I’ve played goon for several years now and have explored all the existing systems fairly thoroughly. To be able to move over to a role more reliant on interpersonal skills would be a change for the better, and I might get to help a couple more security guards enjoy the role more.

Answer two or more of the following:
What game improvements or changes do you think would benefit security players?
While it’s a bit objectionable, I do believe that there should be some more explicit guidelines on what kind of stronger punishments should be handed to repeat offenders, in the case a few-minute brigging doesn’t stop them.
I think repeatedly detaining the same subject who simply wishes to defiantly continue their last crime with no real interaction other than being caught and arrested in silence, can take up a large portion of the round for both players.

Describe any differences in your playstyle when part of a full security team and when being the only security officer.
As part of a team, I generally try to ensure the existing security guards are paying attention to the radio, checking who is where and ensuring at least one of them can follow me to locations where serious crime is occurring as I head there to ensure there are at least 2 guards present in the case of a murder/assault/sabotage.

While solo, I’ll usually inspect the situation to see if it’s worth manually detaining the suspect now or instead doing my best to organize a lockdown and preparing other trusted crew members to join in an assault on them.

What's a security gimmick that you've ran or wanted to run?
There’ve been a few, lately I’ve been trying to turn a round where Botany mass tomato-bombs the station into a mass-murder case, interrogating people near suspicious amounts of tomato juice, asking where the bodies are and angrily shouting over the radio about how this vast quantity of blood has gone completely unnoticed by the AI, then, finally tasting it for myself, getting demoted and having the captain publicly shame me for truly believing that all the ketchup lying around was blood.

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will):
I don’t think so? I’m pretty sure I haven’t been banned but it has been a long time since I started playing. I think I got shouted at once a few years back for spraying chocolate everywhere with a flamethrower.
+1, would beret
I normally avoid HoS threads like the plague, but it's worth noting that I personally witnessed TDHooligan stepping up in the screaming heart of the ssethtide to offer a crash course to new players - they invited new players into a side area to teach them the basic controls, and even went so far as to get one of the new players to toolbox them into crit so a hands-on lesson in emergency doctoring could be given. They spent several rounds doing this, which was not only an impressive time commitment, but a great service to the playerbase. That kind of willingness to help players have a good time should absolutely be rewarded unless there's an equally compelling reason not to - and as far as I'm aware, there isn't one.
I've only ever seen Dill Behrt doing helpful or otherwise enjoyable things around the station. +1
Ive played lots of sec rounds with Eduardo. Youre a good officer. +1
I personally believe Dill Behrt would make a great HoS, as I've had generally pleasurable experiences with them. They also have some good practices when it comes to Security. +1
A fun and helpful player, Dill Berht is a name I like seeing in the red uniform, though I think a beret might suit them even better. +1 from me.  

[Image: W8DMp4B.jpg]
I think Dill Berht would do a good job.
(06-26-2019, 03:38 PM)SimianC Wrote: A fun and helpful player, Dill Berht is a name I like seeing in the red uniform, though I think a beret might suit them even better. +1 from me.  

[Image: W8DMp4B.jpg]

I know it's bad to bump my thread for this little tidbit but in the case I pass I'd love this as an avatar; this is a powerful image.

Admin Edit: Only if you become an HoS.
A good officer that understands how to have fun with the role. +1
Approved! Enjoy the avatar as well!

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