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Gorog's sprite cache
After pushing this back for ages, I finally started making my first sprites for SS13, which were also my first sprites ever.

I noticed that we had about 17 types of grenades, which all used one of 3 different sprites and I wanted to change that.
Furthermore, I also tried to make them recognizeable just by their looks, which didnt always work out though.

Uploading all these individually is too much of a hassle and so is upscaling them first (especially the animated ones). 
Also I can not upload RAR or ZIP files, nor attach them all. Please just use the attached DMI file until I find a solution.

Thanks for the feedback and suggestions on the Discord.

Attached Files
.dmi   grenade.dmi (Size: 12.86 KB / Downloads: 147)
An overview of all of them in Dream Maker:

[Image: 316d2476143a190d45e171f89088660c.png]

The Animated ones:

Gravaton grenade:
2 Gifs because it only lets me record 7 seconds and these take 10 to go off.

[Image: fb30b1f411aa1b9e4814393f1d6696d4.gif] [Image: 080209247047d9fb265b324ffb6bc13b.gif]

Sonic and shock grenade:

[Image: a8f4a31ac7b1fb86808698eabb568b43.gif] [Image: d7a76d0fa6507d0418760b32b9a338d9.gif]

Flashbang and Crowd Dispersal grenade (supposed to be bubbling):

[Image: e21995a8ba2c95e6f7f351653674624b.gif] [Image: f15b75be96518a336c28c6d1c4f934e7.gif]

Cryo grenade (starts blue, turns white):

[Image: c2cbcd0472370b4931b66c117686e381.gif] [Image: 2af9f35ada5317a7939f58a985fd7a3c.gif]

Moustache grenade (dont ask me why):

[Image: 9df3af1be0a1d18e0b49934a10d71293.gif]
I nearly forgot that I also made a new welder flame animation. 
Urs suggested I change to colors to more variations of blue.

2 and 4 frame versions (Gifs might look laggy on here):

[Image: 6ce63807ebe9a9a42de6fcb47400d043.gif] [Image: 2e79c84b2a2e3b354b0ebed4a33c385a.gif]

Also a lazy attempt at making the fire extinguisher look different and point forwards when the safety is off:

[Image: aa807744c1dabfa9ffc07b1d600c856f.png]

Attached Files
.dmi   items.dmi (Size: 1.58 KB / Downloads: 130)
At the beginning of this year, Firebarrage voiced a request for sprites, which no one seemed to have picked up.

So I started working on this yesterday and have now finished it:
All 8 types of breadslices as hats, shoes and inhand sprites!

[Image: b9c77ee2e659e927dc9850eaa5ff74a5.gif] [Image: 3e9195d241c0ed2c26990498add95e8a.gif] [Image: 97b04216de82f2fb97f8573a918534fa.gif] 

[Image: 2c4c4aac353cbf3f7f5febc19a4493e5.png] [Image: d693ef432964a9cbb80abf26e9baf2db.png] [Image: ec0c3938af9e088440637e7230e1bd87.png]

Attached Files
.dmi   clothing_feet.dmi (Size: 2.87 KB / Downloads: 132)
.dmi   clothing_head.dmi (Size: 4.57 KB / Downloads: 133)
.dmi   clothing_inhand.dmi (Size: 5.19 KB / Downloads: 136)
Those grenades are fantastic, especially the mustache one. I can't wait to add em in.
Oh my gosh you actually did it for all bread types! Amazing! I'll get to work on this right now
Thanks to both of you!

Also @kyle, are you gonna use all of them? I wasnt sure if i should redo the flashbang.
The high range incendiary has an alt version based on the smoke grenade btw. The base incendiary im not fully happy with.

I might also make a new chemgrenade, though the current one works fine, now that its (hopefully) unique.
I also made some extra high and squeaky boots for the Assjam, before remembering that be basicly already have these for the clown.
Though these dont have the downside of randomly tripping over, and are supposed to be given to the chefs instead (for assjam atleast).

[Image: 9624cd2a483238bfdb7846d0a055c61c.png]

Some clothing will overlay the top part of them. I also made inhand sprites (right picture). 
Ingame comparison between these and industrial boots:

[Image: 995bc6830d0b4be6c1269f331cf17e87.png] [Image: 1ab1ff8e885a4aadd7ae4063ce6fa22a.png]

Very short video of them with their new sounds and description:

As a reference to these from spongebob:

[Image: latest?cb=20140628084824]

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