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TheVeseloff's Spriting Lair
Welcome to a place of weird sprites and strong smell of pizza and procrastination in the air...
Decided to make this, because why not?

Not including the buttspiders. They are grody.

Housefly ghost critter

[Image: 3RowhoV.gif][Image: Bnuhqwm.gif][Image: vU5E6rg.gif][Image: F2lcSr8.gif]
Two variants of it's death (because i was unsure)

[Image: HUILqxM.png][Image: p9A8KSp.png]

Vacuum cleaner

[Image: zBBc6nk.png]
Was supposed to be able to quickly store tiny items like bullet casings.

Slavic wizard robe / head ring
[Image: McocRnY.png]
Why not?

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