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Knock knock, it's me again! Banned by Daeran
Who banned you?: Daeran
Byond Key: Friendly Username (was Mr. Bones The Shekel Stealer) 
Date of Ban: 6/19/19
Specified Reason for Ban: "third time using the word retard despite repeated warnings. next time is a permaban"
Ban Length: 4 days
What led to the ban? I called a guy retarded for welding the doors, then called my friend retarded for running off into a bunch of people.
Why am I appealing? / Why should I be unbanned: It's sorta bs that because people slip up in their language, they are severely punished. It just doesn't make sense. I can't help that the words I use are offensive to people. I call my friends retarded all the time, and it just comes natural. I doubt that you don't use the word with your friends, or some other form of it.  I don't think a 4 day ban is really the cost. It didn't affect anyone and if it did, they should speak up. Additionally, this will definitely not change the way I am, as the ban is not helping at all. I feel like this was an overreaction on the admins part, and the phrase "retarded" should be taken as a light joke. 

P.S. If this is offensive, then calling the sec/police, pigs is also kinda offensive.
Which rule did you break? 4. Bigotry??? I think? 
Evasion Attempts: None

Also I think it was twice that I called people retarded; 1. The guy who welded my doors I named "Door welding retard" and then right now calling my friend retarded. I don't recall the third time.

Also, would anyone like to explain why my profile pic has been changed without my actions?

Do you guys have access to my passwords and such?

I reversed the search, it's a guy who got hit by a milkshake. Is that some sort of insult or something?
Hi! You're right, a four day ban was not the correct response, and I realized that shortly after banning you as I caught your final comment about the police. You're exceptionally helpful to also point out that any form of ban or corrective action won't actually change who you are. I have instead escalated your ban to a permanent ban with the note to permanently ban any further accounts you make.

You might also like to know that, hard as it may be for you to believe, not everybody in the world uses bigoted slurs behind everybody else's back! Shocking, I know, especially to hear some of us have many friends directly affected and targeted by such language. You may also be surprised to realize that just because you didn't hear anyone affected by your language, someone may have been. Wild, right? I realize this is probably exceptionally difficult to process for someone who reregistered after their account with an antisemitic username was banned but please try to stay with me.

Also, regardless of whether or not the word retarded is actually damaging to many people (which it is you unbelievable idiot), you directly ignored repeated admin warnings to knock that shit off in order to keep saying it despite it resulting in multiple warnings, bans, and a permaban, with your only justification being that it was towards a friend (on a public channel.) If your impulse control is so incredibly poor that you somehow literally cannot stop saying a word someone asks you and then warns you not to say, maybe you should work with someone on that?

Lastly, equating a derogatory word about the police usually used by people who are systematically brutalized by them with a word used by people to systematically marginalize and insult the disabled escalates beyond the realm of "dogwhistle" into "airhorn" and I have to thank you for making it abundantly clear you're a piece of shit even before this appeal or seeing your last name included the words Shekel Stealer.

I know you probably skimmed past this or were unable to actually parse what I meant because I took the common courtesy of explaining it in detail so let me sum it up in a way I know you will understand: go fuck yourself with a pneumatic railroad spike driver and never play on this server again.

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