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[Setpiece] Vital Cleaning Detachment Office
its ya girl
back at it again with the quality submissions
this time ive got a little bit of a setpiece for z5 for ya
its 15 tall and 16 wide i think? has some asteroid built in

so here it is!
[Image: EC7H4rM.png]

it's a rental office pod thats being run by the "vital cleaning detachment", or vcd, a buncha pro space janitors! they might have some slightly better equipment than you do on station... (ok not wholly a lot better but its still cool stuff)

now to talk business 
(for some reason i cant attach files? ill huck em all in dropbox real quick)

dm file with code and my comment ramblings

dmi file with sprites

dmm file with a cool map (uses placeholders for desks and glass tables, sorry)
For being a bunch of pro space janitors that place sure is a mess.

I like it, though!
ill check this out tonight

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