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Come criticize my dumb sprites
I haven't really done this before but I find it kind of soothing so heck why not. I'd like to get better, so advice is welcome

First off, a model pod kit! Snap-together parts mean all you need are wirecutters (or another sharp implement).
I think it was requested by Floorpills? If not, someone else on the discord. They also suggested the completed model should fall to bits when touched.

[Image: 67hTI43.png]

The sprite for the box is a reskinned Discount Dan's TV Dinner, I hope that's kosher.

[Image: b01wgID.png]

A Nanotrasen Junior Build-It-Yourself model Pod kit! The box says no glue required.

[Image: wFKEWoN.png]
A frame full of all the parts needed to build a model pod. Looks like you'll need to cut them out.

[Image: cIk88aV.png]

A pile of little pieces from a model pod kit. You reckon you could put them back together.

[Image: XJ2tHHC.png]

A model pod! It even comes with its own stand. Looks delicate, though.

Next up, a talkative wizard hat. This is for a dumb idea for a wizard spell I will submit to the ideas forum at some point.

               "ARSE NATH! Now there's a spell that takes me back..."
[Image: S8aeI7S.gif]

[Image: hZzv2lT.png][Image: rqPF3h4.png][Image: B7kXtJw.png]
I have made .dmi files for both of these, hopefully they're formatted correctly. The hat file also includes inhand models. I know jack shit about coding in general (and even less about BYOND specifically) so if anyone feels like implementing them go ahead. I'm also looking for more shit to do if people have requests.

Attached Files
.dmi   archhat.dmi (Size: 2.2 KB / Downloads: 115)
.dmi   PodModel.dmi (Size: 2.74 KB / Downloads: 127)
As someone who used to build a whole bunch of models as a kid, I really like the pod kit one.
(06-17-2019, 12:48 PM)The Gorog Wrote: As someone who used to build a whole bunch of models as a kid, I really like the pod kit one.

And what a perfect excuse to add super glue
I really like that wizard hat. The wizard could use a friendly companion on the Wizard Shuttle in the form of a hat that talks to the wizard and insults non-wizards who find their way to it.
I'm glad people like them! I think I will try and sprite glue and maybe model paint in future.

Someone was requesting a scroll on Discord. Someone else made a better one, but I figure eh the more scrolls the merrier.

[Image: 9hXNsYt.png][Image: VkWUwmo.png]

I also made a rolled-up version, and some inhand sprites. At least I think I made the inhands correctly, it's hard to tell. I'll throw up the dmi file in case anyone comes up with a use for them.

Attached Files
.dmi   scroll.dmi (Size: 819 bytes / Downloads: 118)
Someone was requesting some new dress sprites like, uhh, a week ago, so I hope they still want them

[Image: yPE6kTg.png]

This is a clown dress.
A dress for clowns who want to feel pretty. You're not sure how you feel about this.

And as promised, some glue:

[Image: Z8hnVtQ.png][Image: ZytLzci.png]

I even made inhands for the dress sprite! It sucked!!

Attached Files
.dmi   clowndress.dmi (Size: 1.39 KB / Downloads: 116)

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