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Need someplace to vent about stuff? Welcome.
Hello! I am popecrunch.  You may remember me from such films as 'how the fucK did the chemists blow up the station with PoTaTo chIPs aNd WaTeR' and 'sixty minutes of emotional trauma: elmo mode'.  I started a different discord server for the purposes of giving folks a space to vent about their worries and seek support from others.  You are more than welcome to join us, but before I give you the link, there are some very important things you should know first.

1) THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO CONNECTION, AFFILIATION, ASSOCIATION, ETC BETWEEN THIS SERVER AND GOONSTATION.  It is not a goonstation server, it just happens to have a bunch of the same people kicking around.  Under no circumstances will anything said or done on Ventstation have any effect on in-game stuff, ban appeals, admin complaints, or anything else relating to Goonstation.  There is a channel devoted to complaining about stuff that happens ingame, but it (like any other means of communication that isn't ingame) is not to be used to discuss events of a current round - the only exception is to do so in vague enough terms that the information is absolutely useless anyway.  Example: 'fuckin' captain changeling got me' is Not Cool, 'ugH i keep getting the WRONG NOODLES from the vending machine' is ok because it's not clearly about the current round and is about something that happens frequently enough that there's nothing leading you to assume that it's regarding the current round.  Tread VERY carefully if you absolutely can not wait until the end of the round.

2) BIGOTRY OR HARASSMENT WILL NOT BE TOLERATED AT ALL.  I get that venting and complaining about things will, by necessity, involve negative statements, but under no circumstances are members of the server allowed to be crappy to each other.  If you want a place to complain about how those damn $gender_minority or $ethnic_identifier is making the dang ol' internet just too Political, find somewhere else.  If you have beef with another member of the server, resolve it privately (asking other members or discord server admins for sanity checks / argument moderation is OK, but whether they volunteer to do so or not, and the point at which they stop helping, is entirely up to the person you asked) - it is a place for support, not slapfights.

3) VENTSTATION IS EXPLICITLY NOT A CRISIS SUPPORT LINE.  If you or someone you know is in immediate danger (including self-harm), a bunch of internet chums absolutely should not be your go-to.  A full list of crisis resources is beyond the scope of this intro, but 911/999 or the relevant crisis hotline (for instance, the suicide hotline for north america is 1 800 273 8255, the suicide hotline for the UK is 116 123) is a much more useful point of contact.  They are trained for it, we are not.  They have tools to assist you, all we have are life experience and well wishes.  There's also a growing list of resources for different areas and circumstances in information channels.

4) VENTSTATION IS EXPLICITLY NOT A DETOX FACILITY FOR IRONY POISONING.  Though we will try to assist people with becoming more compassionate, caring people if they want, this assistance can not come at the cost of existing server members - if you're working through some crap and could use an ear and some guidance, that's completely fine.  If, in the process of trying to be a more compassionate, caring person, you cause drama and pain for other people on the server, that is not fine and you may be asked to leave (or kicked out).  

5) ANYTHING THAT HAPPENS ON VENTSTATION STAYS ON VENTSTATION.  Under no circumstances is it permitted to discuss people or events from Ventstation in any other place.  The only exception to this is when sharing that information is required to save someone in immediate peril (like. calling 911 because someone is threatening suicide is Fine, sharing screenshots or quotes or whatever to reddit is very much not fine)

6) PLEASE BE AWARE OF CONTENT FILTERS.  We have a system of roles and channels locked to those roles set up so that topics that are common causes of anxiety to some people (politics, sexual content, violence, etc) are opt-in - the general channel is for general chatter and venting, topics involving sexual topics, violence or injury, politics, and drugs (including alcohol) should be discussed either in their own channels, or in the 'no holds barred' channel, which permits all topics.  This doesn't get heavily policed, but conversations can and will be moved to the appropriate channel if they wander too far.

7) PLEASE BE AWARE OF THE TRUST FILTER.  New members to the server don't immediately get access to the 'selfies', 'trusted chat', or 'NSFW images' channel.  This is to make sure a bad actor can't join the server, get a bunch of embarrassing pictures, and post them to 4chan or whatever.  A new server member can become 'trusted' either by a server administrator vouching for them (don't ask for it, they'll tell you) or a general vote among trusted server users (this is not a simple majority vote, it's more like a UN Security Council thing where a very small number of 'no' votes kills the ballot - I'd rather err on the side of safety and trust than on fairness, in this instance).

This isn't the entire server ruleset, but it's most of the important stuff.  If you decide to join, please read the rules-important-info channel START TO FINISH before you do literally anything else.  It's not a long read - it's shorter than the rules page - but ignorance is no defense to breaking the server rules.

If you wanna wander in and hang out, the invite is .  Thank you for being excellent to each other, and I love you all.

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