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adhara in sprite-space
im not good at art, but its fun to try to get better at it by tossing together stupid things

caviar, requested by doctor floor pills:
[Image: wEJ6qxc.png]

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Gud fish eggs
Discount Dan's fish flavored chewing tobacco
hey its ya girl again

ok so for the setpiece i added, i sprited some custom janitor stuff

including a new pair of gloves! theyre extra long to allow for dry clothes while u wash up the entire station

[Image: 2OhLbf4.png]

gloves on a space person
[Image: clYNoeE.png]

theyll prolly already be in the game tho with the uh, the setpiece if it gets added

dmi of sprites

.dmi   long_gloves.dmi (Size: 746 bytes / Downloads: 108)

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