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Seamus O'Flanagan / Okimin HoS App
Usual Character Name: Seamus O’Flanagan, sometimes Ron Bennington or Ziggy Stardust
BYOND Username: Okimin
Recommended by (if applicable): nope!!!
Times Available: Usually 5 or 8 p.m U.S eastern

Reason for Application (300 word minimum):
Well I’ve been playing for a while like 3 or so years now I think and I love most of the leadership roles on the station, as well as security. You probably have seen me as Captain doing one thing or another, and recently I thought the Head of Security looks like it would be fun to play around with. I like showing new players the ins and outs of security when I get a chance, and enjoy building up a team and I think the head of security is the perfect position for that type of play style. Some of the most fun I’ve had in this game is working with a dedicated team of either heads of staff or security. My main reason for applying is that I don’t think enough HoS’ actually work with security and I’d say that’s a damn shame since trying your hardest to work with a team despite how shitty they might be is where the game shines. If you’ve played with me you probably know that I try to include others in the various antics or schemes and if I didn’t I’m probably tired and just running around in circles like a mahroon. But yeah, I try to keep people involved in whatever dumb gimmick I or someone else crocked up that round in hopes to keep things interesting and from what I witnessed the Head of Security role is one of the better roles for that. Basically I just hope to get this role to work with the security team and maybe teach a couple of them how to not be dinks with the role? Maybe that’s asking a bit much but who knows, anything is possible with Seamus O’Flanagan / Ron Bennington / Ziggy Stardust as head of security!!!!! I don’t know how to pad this thing anymore!

Security Experience (300 word minimum):
So I would say second to Captain, security is my most played role. I try to have a bit more fun with the role than the majority of people. I am not too stingy with the rules and usually let the smaller stuff go. When it comes to traitors I like to give people a fair chance, as I have been burned as a traitor to this more than once. Like I will not go about confiscating any PDAs from someone I happened to see ordering something with thermals, and as security I always attempt to arrest traitors and syndicates rather than outright murdering them on mere suspicion alone. BUT I am not too keen on letting every confirmed antagonist out of jail as seems to be popular as of late. Personally I think the antagonist/security rivalry needs to be kept alive or else the game loses any sense of tension and as a result becomes super fucking boring as a result. Again, not to say I plan on ripping the eyes out of someone if I catch them ordering a silly mustache 5 minutes in the round, just that I do not think you earn a second chance if you get caught killing the captain with a saber in the middle of the bar. I am not the most robust player in this game, in fact I lose far more fights than I win, and tend to opt out of conflict if I can reasonably assume I am going to lose. But I am reasonably sure that is not what you are looking at when it comes to deciding who becomes a Head of Security or not. But yeah I think I got a more than reasonable record as a security with very few blemishes on my record and would be much appreciative of being head of security.

Your opinion of Shrek (5 word minimum): shrek is the definitive cinematic mythos in recorded history

Previous Bans (While this will not affect your application lying about it will): I got temp banned for uploading a dumb law as an assistant once, and I was banned from sec for a bit when I first played like 3 years ago. If there is anything else I can’t think of it, please remind me if you know of anything!
I'm thinking yeah from what I remember. Correct me if I'm wrong though.
More information from other approved players needed, please.

Will close and deny in 7 days if no further information given.
I've played with Seamus many times in the past and hes always been a great captain and player in general.

I'd say hes cool dude that needs a cool hat

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