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Mentor Application: Tewf
Usual character name: Bill Nye, Automaton [Borg]

BYOND username: Tewf

Recommended by (if applicable):TheCannonMan, Pigy121, Zamujasa

Goon servers you play: Goon #2 , And Before it went down I was teaching adventure zones/Sol alot on goon 3

Reason for application + game experience (300 word minimum):

I still remember my first round on goon, ss13 in general, was being force fed discount dans untill I cried, I didn't know what was happening or why. Fast forward a year and a half and I've learned so much and come so far, and I owe a great deal to the mentors. That is the reason for my application. I want to be the one on the other side helping old and new players figure out the magic that is Goonstation. Most rounds you can find me as captain running various gimmicks. But I have experience in most roles, and can find joy in them. I'm able to run the engine and have managed to teach a few other people some tricks i use to keep things running smoothly. I know how to run toxins, chem, and telescience. However I  particularly love telescience, and jump at the chance to send someone new on an adventure.

I would say my weaknesses are Dwaine and the Chemcompiler, I have a few things under my belt for each, locker packets, and a super cooling script that kinda works, but im not that versed at it. And again, its mentors that helped me understand these things in the first place. As more and more people are joining I would love to be one of those purples guiding lost clowns and mimes alike.

Alot of people just know me as the guy who runs sol alot, but I know way more then that, I've helped people learn pathogens, self surgery, and even some antag tips when I get linged or just see someone struggling. I find more fun in letting a round play out most times then super-copping every last antag, but when I'm security I try to take things seriously and give fair brig times and protect the crew from antags. Same as when I'm MD or working robotics, I just like playing the job, every system is so intricate and has so many little tips and tricks to make things go more smoothly and being able to pass that on and see more and more skill around the stations is the best reward.

Anyways, I'm sure I forgot to mention some things, but I love this game and love teaching people would be the point!

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will): None, No banned medal. However I'm sure there are notes about me being shitty with sarin a year ago, But I learned fast thats not how to have fun.
That you are knowledgeable is not in question, I think we can all agree on that.

Some things you may not know about being a mentor:

Your game will be interrupted constantly by messages from people needing help.

You will need to be patient explaining the same 3-4 things to like ten different people, sometimes all at once.

You will often not be able to help people with their problems despite your best efforts, and you need to be able to accept that even when it's not your fault. You need to not get frustrated at newer players who you can't help because they are asking the wrong questions or not understanding your explanations.

You need to be trusted with sometimes extensive meta knowledge of the round that you get from mentorhelps received, and you need to be able to behave appropriately despite that knowledge.

These are some of the qualities that make the best mentors; actual knowledge of the game is incidental because our most common questions concern the first 10 hours of gameplay.

I'm not out and out saying no, but I will say that the prospect of exposing you to more meta knowledge about the round makes me nervous. And, while it is true that the mentor team still needs help with all the new fish, that situation can also be very frustrating to newer mentors because of how many messages we're getting and how very unhelpful a lot of the questions we get are, and I get the impression from the brief interactions I've had with you that these disruptions would be frustrating and unwelcome.

Honestly, many people who I was on the fence about rose to the role the moment they got the purple; it's not a huge amount of weight but knowing that you're trusted with something may lead to improvement. But my gut feeling about this application leaves me uneasy. It's very difficult for me to recall and point out specific examples of things that lead me to feel this way, and I guess what I'm asking for is some reassurance that the above points are things you've considered.

Can't edit so sorry for.double post:

Basically, to steal a sentiment from pope, reply something vaguely in the shape of "Ursula, I've read your post and I promise it won't be problem" and you'll have my recommendation.
Well Ursula, I have read it and do understand and see how it can be frustrating, And I can promise it wont be a problem. I also would like to add, I have a two year old, So I'm used to really silly or repeated simple questions. All the time. It doesn't end. So where it might be over whelming at first I'm sure I'll fall into place. And as for meta info, I'll try to approach it in the same as as secret chems, yes i know them, it may even be obvious, but as someone with that info it falls on me to make sure I don't use it in a way that ruins fun for others.
Played with you, you seem quite chill and even tempered, and I trust you when you say you're fairly knowledgeable. Being a mentor ain't all that hard, so it's a +1 yes from me dawg.
I'd give a +1 but because of how much I give them out It'd probably be worth more of a +0.3

so instead I give a +3.34, you seem like you'd be really good at helping new players do the new player thing and be able to take it in stride.
Hi, i normally don't do forums as you can see from my new profile, but ive played on goon for a few months now and one thing that brought me back was the things i learned from playing with tewf, helped me learn how to use telesci and toxins, bunch of other things to. there is only a few people that know as much about the game as him. tewf would be a fine mentor
They're a cool bud, knows their stuff, would make a great mentor in my opinion.
From seeing your play style in game and behavior with regard to other players, I think you would make a fine mentor. +1 from me, a fellow ss13dad.
Really knowledgable and kind player! Shifts always end up being a bit more interesting with you around. +1 from me.
knows their stuff. Helps people already. +1
i think they're pretty good

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