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The wraith rework superthread
The idea for this thread is to let people pitch ideas, for an antagonist that desperately needs some love applied to it, as well as bring up some of the major issues/unfun aspects behind wraith currently.

Overall what i've heard is:
Overwhelmingly - add more counterplay to wraith. Currently wraith is borderline invulnerable in the hands of an experienced or careful player.
                       - Make wraith have more abilities focused on spooking folks, and less on outright murder.
                       - Have wraith's counterplay not be focused on being extremely powergamey (Such as Ecto eyes, or the Ecto goggles.) which is more of an addition                           to the above.

I feel like currently, wraith isn't sure what it wants to be identity wise, a spooky stalker, a social nuisance, or MURDERMACHINE 9000, and that kinda hampers it in a way, so its possible that splitting the antag into two would be a better idea, such as like the following.

Wraith - More focused on the spooky, social aspect, possibly add a "fright" value that would either serve as your objective, or way of murdering people.

Eldritch Stalker/Haunter in the Dark - More combat focused spook where manifesting would allow you to directly fight the crew, would play like current wraith, but with more of a focus on manifesting to directly interact with the crew.
It's possible to work both of these into the same antag, and have players pick which playstyle they prefer.

I've also came up with a few other abilities/changes that I feel could be helpful.

Haunt - Selects a target player to manifest to, aswell as a few selectable guises to choose from, such as crewmembers, or possibly critters. Can be dismissed by the Wraith or removed by a chaplain performing an exorcism, or by a quick splash of holy water, both of which grant temporary protection from being haunted again, with the exorcism lasting significantly longer than holy water.

Ectoplasmic Object - Functions similarly to a Chameleon projector in that it lets you first "scan" an item. Then you can place a faux copy of it somewhere on the station, When interacted with by the crew, the object melts away into a pile of gloop, With haunt active, only the target player can see the faux item. Once haunt wears off the item is visible by everyone.

Phantom Noise - Provides a small/medium selection of sounds to play in a localized target area such as a Cyalume saber being drawn, With haunt active, plays the noise to only the haunted player.

"Why haunt if it effects everyone when not having it active?"
The idea behind haunt localizing things is to raise the paranoia of the player, while making other players think this guy's a bit loopy.
Haunt being local could also add a bonus to fright gained.

St. Elmo's Conflagration - Creates a fake spreading fire from target location. Lasts a short-ish duration, or until people interact with it.

Phantom of Pain - Creates a illusory "dying" crew member at a location, fades away when interacted with. With haunt active, allows you to stumble around as the illusion, and perform emotes or whatever have you to give the guise that it's a real player.

As for the more combat focused one, I don't have many ideas, but it would be closer to how Revenant is now, but with less instant kill shit, and possibly a inability or a severe limit to directly interact with crew unless manifested.

Counterplay - Counterplay is always a fairly hot issue, but ususally its to keep an antagonist from becoming nigh invulnerable, Alot of counterplay against the wraith (hopefully) will involve blessing areas, or people either as the chaplain via the normal means or not with holy water.

EXORCISMS - Exorcisms will be long lasting protections from a wraith's abilities. A chaplain may give them at will, with a progress bar to complete the ritual.
CONSECRATION - Holy water may be added to a location to temporarily limit a wraith's ability to travel into an area. It lasts longer if it's done by the local chaplain, rather than a normal crew member.
BLESSINGS - Provides temporary reprieve to an afflicted crew member by splashing them with holy water. The higher the fright on the person, the less reprieve there is from being re-haunted.

"What happens when you get high enough in fright then?"
I played around with the idea of it being something similar to a heart attack, or getting space madness, but ultimately I feel like it's better to see what the community wants from it.

Regardless, feel free to pitch new ideas, or reworked abilities, and there's no need to use my personal templates ideas but you may if you want to build or expand upon them.
cool poast
wanna code it ?
Some quick ideas:

Candle light: Should reveal the wraith, provided it's the only light source
Salt lines: Should depossess living items that cross over them
Corpse Absorption: Get rid of it. Have the Wraith build points by doing it's Poltergeist and Whisper abilities
Perhaps corpse absorption should unlock new abilities instead of providing increased WP regeneration? As in, most abilities are locked, but you absorb corpses and get new ones. Could be a good start for a rework.
(this was written at 1:30am in a single spurt based off of nebulous, half formed ideas, sorry)

what if wraiths could make like... zombies? like, they could use an ability to take a ghost in round (same volunteer thing as lateblob?) and shove that ghost into a body, then resurrect that body as a revenant like thing?

it wouldnt exactly be a revenant tho, itd be more like... an elemental wizard zombie? kinda like... since the wraith is such a spooky eldritch ghost corruptor, it deforms the corpses into weird elemental creatures that serve to cause chaos, making the wraith more of an overmind/influencer dealio. this'd also help with the uh, conversion antag thing. itd be less cool to be one since you have to die, and you get entered into a pool and possess a short lived angry eldritch critter instead of just being a normal human antag.

ideas for the abominations (im just spitballing no idea whats good) are that they have like... 80-100 health normally, have weird sprites, scary auras, and are kinda a "oh shoot" thing when u see em. maybe they have themes? maybe only 1 at a time? maybe they get their form srlected at random? idk sorry

anyways heres the forms

crusher is a large, slow zombie. wraith went and screwed around with all their muscles, uh oh, so they look like om of those left for dead two zombies thats lopsided and huge and angry. crusher would have a charge ability (like space american football) and a powerstomp ability where it does a high damage brute attack w/ some delay if the target is knocked over. their attacks do more stamina damage

burning space zombie is on fire!! but not in a "woa they have done a lot of cool crazy things i dont usually see in that area of work" sense but a "oh geeze wheres the fire extinguisher. wraith went and made burning space zombie like 5% skeleton and 95% fat so theyre just a giant walking bonfire. they have the fire breath ability, and the ability to do an aoe fire attack at the cost of some damage to their own body (cos theyre hurling a buncha their own flabby fat fuel). their attacks also have a chance to set their victim on fire

big fast spider zombie is a scary fast screamy zombie!! wraith went and stretched out all their limbs and made em all cliche. but now this zombie gets the ability to do a pounce (jumpy mutation, but if it lands on someonr they get knocked over and stunned) and they get a dssh ability, where they can put on short bursts of intense speed, like a zombie cheetah. their attack speed is also probably slightly increased

boney the sharp skeleton is what happens when u take normal people bones and give them lots of sharp edges and make those bones really angry. wraith just ate all their skin for dinner and then cleaned its teeth on their bones so the bones are extra sharp. boner zombie is fragile (on account of bein bones) but has the ability to throw a razor sharp boomerang bone (oddjob hat style). it also has the hug of death, where if it has someone in a medium grab, it can hug them for huge amounts of bleed damage. its attacks also have a highish chance to cause bleed.

big brain psychic ghost zombie is the smart zombie of the group. wraith took its brains and made them extra large with the help of his body, so hes just kinda a floating nervous system. however, this nervous system packs a serious punch, and can use the wraiths old crush ability, make psychic brain barriers (wizard barriers) and can do that martian teleport-screech thing like a total jerkwad. wow!! 3 abilities, but at the cost of being mushy as heck and like... having no real attacks

gross goopy zombie is kinds all gross and melty on account of 80% of its body being a churning gaping stomsch. wraith made this one really hungry and also gave it a big mouth. this zombie has an acid vomit cloud move, which it spits out, and it has a slippery vomit puddle move too. gross!! this one has a bit more health than the others

spaced man is a pun. ok hilarious jokes aside spaced man is a zombie that is all blue from not being able to breathe!! wraith turned its lungs into a huge ol pair of Ungs, which can only suck! poor zombie! its abilities are crush depth, which makes the targeted victim unable to breathe for as long as it maintains sight with spaced man, and a move that drags people close to it if they try to leave by sucking the air out between them, and a move that sucks in items that get dropped on the floor. otherwise it has no other perks

ice age zombie is a really cold hearted fellow! the wraith looked at them and went "no ur too hot" and now theyre permanently frozen. ice age zombie had empowered cryokinesis, and an ability thst just makes the room its in colder. its other special thing is that is cold all around it, do if u get too close, u slow down. other than that its a plain jane

shadow spooky darkness zombie is a creely spooky zombie! wraith looked at it and went "this is brilliant, but i like this" and what it liked was the shadows. so this zombie is only kinda half real, so it had that darkness chameleon passive ability, and it has the ability to use phase shift but its called something edgy and cool likr shadowmeld. it also has an ability whrre it can telsport behind u (nothing personnel kid) and hug u, which does damage. maybe its weakness is electricity?

mouth zombie  has mouth and 6 legs and 2 trex arms and 1 really long tongue. it kinda pants and snorts when it moves like a pug. wraith thought "i want u to eat people" and it was like "ok boss". it has a chomp move where it bites u, it has a scream move where it stuns u, and it can devour u like a changeling (with a longer timer). also all of its attacks say bites and play a chomp sound. also it has less health on accounts of being just a mouth eith some teeth and arms.
(06-13-2019, 04:42 AM)aft2001 Wrote: Perhaps corpse absorption should unlock new abilities instead of providing increased WP regeneration? As in, most abilities are locked, but you absorb corpses and get new ones. Could be a good start for a rework.

What I don't like about corpse absorbtion is, I just don't think it adds anything fun to the round.

The original idea I believe was to make the station care more about proper burial rights and getting rid of corpses, but I don't think it meets that goal as isn't nearly as interesting as the other things wraiths can do with bodies, skeletons and revenants. 

The poltergeist abilities, limited as they are, are much better at creating the atmosphere desired than a bunch of bodies melting into goop.

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