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Mentor Application: Cicadalek
Usual character name: Will Grello (for human roles), Friend Computer or Heartbeatz (for AI or Cyborg roles in the past)

BYOND username: Cicadalek

Recommended by (if applicable):n/a

Goon servers you play: Usually Goonstation #2, or just plain Goonstation as it's called now. Not opposed to playing on #1 on the weekends when I have a little more time.

Reason for application + game experience (300 word minimum): 

I'm just fascinated by this amazing, dumb game and how much it has changed over the years, and I'd like to help other people get into it. I've been playing this game since at least Apr 1 2010 according to my Fish medal, though I think I might have been involved in the initial goon rush of the original Exadv1 server before the source code was leaked. I've had periods of months or years where I've completely forgotten about it, and then come back to be pleasantly surprised by how the game has changed while still retaining the spirit of "Lord of the Flies Simulator(Space Station Expansion-Pack)"

In general I like to be a helpful person, but I feel I would be a decent mentor specifically because I have worked in similar roles in my professional life. I worked as a Game Master for Blizzard for a while, and a lot of that job was walking people through gameplay issues they were having trouble with in World of Warcraft. Sometimes this would involve a direct explanation, other times nudging them towards resources where they could find the solution themselves (a wiki or other knowledge base). The fact that I was helping people to enjoy a game made it easier to make it through your average call center workday.

I've told stories about the various antics on Goonstation to IRL friends and they're always amazed they have never heard of this game. Those that go on to see the interface are usually a little put off. I feel like with the rise of streaming and youtubers, more people should be talking about this game. If I could help ease even a few people into being server regulars, I would feel like I've made a contribution to a game I have enjoyed a lot for a long while.

In terms of my own game know-how, I definitely don't have a super in-depth knowledge of every job. I don't know a huge amount of chem secrets, or telescience, or where to find the hidden stuff on the Z-levels. Mostly I tend to stick to robotics, medicine, mining, and more freeform jobs such as botany or chef. As an antag I usually envision some sort of plan that falls apart immediately as soon as I try to implement it. But I'm pretty comfortable with the interface, finding my way around the station, and basic systems such as building and disassembling stuff, pod piloting, using manufacturers and vending machines, etc. More to the point, I would be comfortable teaching other people these things. Anything that I don't know is usually pretty quick to find on the wiki. The fact that you can play for years and still be finding stuff out is part of the appeal of this game for me.

I don't think I have a much of a reputation on the server because I'm not that quick on my feet when it comes to typing or running gimmicks. I often play medical doctor just because it's an easy way to be useful, and robotics so that I can bring people back if cloning is busted. So in most cases when you see me I'm patching people up, since I figure no one really likes to be helpless in crit. If there is some gimmick going on, I usually try to play along. I don't have a bunch of cool stories of my own, though I did once skate so hard I generated interdimensional clones.

When it comes to catching traitors, I'm generally of the opinion that it's more important for a round to be memorable than a traitor be stopped right away. I'm also a big believer in proportionate response. If the wizard is hanging out fucking with the clown via Empower, then I don't see any reason to rush for the acid beakers. If they're just fireballing everyone in sight, then sure, release the mob. That's also the kind of mindset I would encourage new players to take, since it's not about winning or losing.

I don't know if there's an issue with me making a mentor application my first post on this forum. I did have some posts on the old forums a while back, but apparently, those are gone forever. I have sporadically posted in most of the Something Awful threads, if that counts.

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will): I have the Banned medal from 2010, but I honestly can't remember ever being banned or having run-ins with the admins. If something did happen years ago then I have definitely forgotten. I'm pretty happy with the way these servers are moderated, so I don't have any problem following the rules.

~~~~~~~~ a fancy greater domestic space-bee ~Thanks for reading~  a fancy greater domestic space-bee ~~~~~~~~
While I haven't seen you in game (I've been playing 1 exclusively for a while now), this application does seem pretty damn sound. Actually having experience in helping people is pretty nice.

Knowing absolutely EVERYTHING about the game isn't a big necessity (especially when it comes to secret stuff. Someone asks for a secret chem, you have to turn it down anyway.). There's just so much in the game that I don't think there would be any mentors whatsoever if knowing everything was a genuine requirement.

If everyone else has good experiences with you in game then I think I can say yes to this based on the application alone.
friend computer's good
This is a well written application!
Unfortunately I haven't seen Will Grello around much, either we're out of timezone sync or im just blind.
BUT- this app shows the right mindset and the right background to be a good mentor. I'll keep an eye open for you, but barring something horrible, +1
+1 for Friend Computer.
Also my +1 for Friend Computer, for a key I recognize from almost a decade ago, and for Tanhony Hawk Pro Skater 2: Attack of the Clones.
I haven't seen you as a human before, however I very much recognize Friend Computer. You seem like a good person and I've never had an issue with you as a player, and after 8 years of playing it'd be pretty hard to not be knowledgeable. That, and something about you being a frequent AI player adds just a smidge more credibility to the application. Solid +1 on my end.

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