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Minor VR goggles remove the player from their body (INFINITE OBSERVERS)
10/10 bug was very fun but it should maybe be fixed, maybe.

Here are step-by-step recreation instructions:
  1. Play detective (just for the VR goggles, I'm not sure if this works with ALL VR goggle types)
  2. Put on the VR goggles
  3. Take off the goggles and immediately put them back on (do it fast)
  4. That's it. You've now been removed from your body and placed in the corner of some z-level.
Upon logging out and back in again, you should now be an observer with no way back into your body.

P.S. If you kill yourself as the detective, then perform this bug in the afterlife bar, you can start infinitely piling up observer bodies by taking the goggles from your previous body and repeating the process. Fun, but still a bug in the end  frown
being put in the corner of some z level sounds to me like you're being put in your virtual body while it's in the del queue (which happens at 0,0,0 iirc) and then being deleted.

can confirm this works with the gauntlet vr goggles; I lost in the gauntlet and immediately tried to log back in and ended up.deleted
Pretty sure this works with all VR goggles. I wonder if a similar issue occurs when similar processes happen - namely, switching your 'active mob', so to speak. e.g, the AI eye seems to be its own mob, whereas the AI is also its own mob, but the player can only inhabit one at a time. If you rapidly switched between camera and cancel-camera view, would a similar effect occur?
Maybe fixed? Let me know if you still experience this.

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