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Goonstation Monthly Contest!
Welcome to the first Goonstation Monthly Contest! Starting this June, we'll be holding - you guessed it! - monthly contests where you'll have a shot at winning a beautiful Gannets sticker, shiny Byond hub medals (complete with mysterious ingame rewards), and some pretty sweet bragging rights. The purpose of these contests is to bring players together for something fun and engaging, and to provide a space for appreciation for or reflection on the community. We hope you'll enjoy this! 
This month's theme is short and sweet: There is fun to be done!. All you need to do is reply to this thread with an original screenshot of a recent (let's say within a year) round and an accompanying caption. You can only make one submission, so give it your best shot (but feel free to swap if you find a better one)! Take this for example:

[Image: qEq2UFB.png]

Submissions will close on the 22nd. After they close, we'll have a voting period of a week. Then, we'll announce the top three submissions. The prize tiers are as follows:
Winner: Gannets sticker, top 3 medal (and a cool ingame reward), bragging rights
Two runner-ups: top 3 medal (and a cool ingame reward), bragging rights
Everyone who submitted: participation medal (and a different but also cool ingame reward), bragging rights

If you'd like to provide suggestions or feedback for this or future contests, please feel free to reach out on Discord and let us know! Please also feel free to cross-post to the Wish You Were Here thread! If you'd like to make your submission anonymously, please PM me on Discord.

Thank you for being a part of the Goonstation community! We hope to see your submission soon! a fancy greater domestic space-bee
You should put up some sign or poster in-game advertising this.
Snapped at a recent RP1 round.
[Image: a01984b3aa.png]
[Image: 2019-03-28_17-58-05.png]
[Image: OAc1Vtl.jpg]
[Image: d2152bbffe1c68853eb74c0bc655b949.png]
[Image: WPa3plF.png]
[Image: UNLAJtW.png]
May I offer you some tea in these trying times?
[Image: KGhgsFt.png]
Suggestions for future themes are also welcome here. I'd like to see a month dedicated to adventure zone moments!
A productive shift results in a shell shocked janitor.
[Image: 62fe92246e7f15adb0d6f3ea4c28087c.png]
Question: Is a .webm with a caption acceptable?

Edit: Since it apparently is!
[Image: vwPHTDs.png]

[Image: VAmQaeJ.png]
[Image: 6Nl0TXD.png]
[Image: dT2A76B.png]

My perish was hungry, so I prayed for food. But we ate too greedily and the station was awash with tides of our vomited greed.

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