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HoS Application: ToastGhost
Usual Character Name: Odin Williams, Ricky Rocket Rollerskates, Pete Pippers
BYOND Username: ToastGhost
Times Available: Fairly randomly, though usually late nights or early morning EST.  Weekends preferable to weekdays.

Reason for Application (300 word minimum): 
FORGET ABOUT THE BADGE, WHEN DO WE GET THE FREAKING GUNS?!  I've been playing SS13 off and on for about four years now, and I've most recently come back with a renewed enthusiasm for the game and the community, having recently joined the discord.  I don't like playing security for the sheer purpose of locking up bad guys or jerks deciding to attack people randomly, but rather because I enjoy the challenge.  I've played plenty of rounds as security, detective, captain, and HoP, and have enjoyed the dynamics of investigating crime scenes, tracking down criminals, and robustly fighting with antags which hopefully is resolved by prison stays and not the death of the suspect in question.

Unless they're a ling, vampire, wizard, syndie, etc.  Death to all of those guys. Grimm and frostbitten

I feel that while I'm fairly robust, my best experience is in roleplaying, what with having played D&D for more than half my life at the age of 26.  I feel I could contribute more to rounds with powerful antagonists if I was better equipped or had the sway to command other security, and would use my new abilities with utmost responsibility, only taking and giving out guns in dire emergencies.  The position of Head of Security requires more than just being able to take down criminals; it requires leadership, teamwork, and a duty to treat people well even when they might not be acting on their best behavior.

I'm applying because I highly enjoy this game and the interactions I've had with others, and I feel the Head of Security position could heighten these interactions.  I try my best to roleplay even when not on the dedicated roleplay server, as well as help out newcomers in OOC or IC.  I see the HoS as a kind of superhero, more so than the captain or HoP who have the authority and prerogative to get drunk and fuck off doing whatever they want.  The HoS has more responsibility to try and keep things in check, and to make the station a safe place for all beings.  Except, again, vampires, lings, wizards, and other ne'er-do-wells.

In summary, I've played this game for some time and have always looked up to those who would serve as Head of Security, and hope that I may join their ranks, both to heighten my skill and interactions with other players.

Security Experience (300 word minimum):
In real life I have served as an EMT and as a volunteer security dispatcher for Bronycon.  Don't judge, it's fun and rewarding, I swear.  The important things I've learned from each of those experiences is that you always want to de-escalate whenever possible, but if things come to an escalation, be prepared.  Utilize the resources at your disposal, delegate tasks as necessary, and for God's sake never leave a patient alone until the emergency is over.  Or if a more urgent emergency requires your attention.  Other lessons are that scene safety is vital, be aware of your surroundings at all times, and the job's easier when you have the right tools.

My time with Bronycon Security (again, don't judge) has also taught me that how you treat people is vital.  People are more likely to listen to you when you're professional and polite, and it is up to you when in a position of authority to set a good example to others.  People will look up to you and seek you out for guidance, and it is important that you set  a good example.

In terms of gameplay, I've played numerous rounds as security officer, detective, captain, and sec-hop.  I clearly can't say I've been successful all those times, but I always give it my best effort to take down any antagonists while still playing the role fairly and while maintaining appropriate levels of fun.  I've tracked down criminals with glove IDs, blood traces, and on many occasion just intuition (why does that clown have a gasmask?), and I hope some players can attest to my experience as MD, HoP, or Captain.  I've frequently built flamethrowers for blobs, fixed the captain's pistol more than several times, and arrested dozens of traitors.  Even when times where I'm the captain and there's no security on staff, I take it upon myself to wear every sort of hat by rushing into emergencies, shooting and asking questions as the situation demands, then carrying out bodies for cloning, borging, or just general healing.

My most experienced role and favorite would be MD, though I've run around with all-access long enough that I know how to do a bit of everything.  Except starting the engine without making a huge inferno, that one still escapes me.  While I don't actively go for security officer a lot of the time, if I'm late to join and see that they're understaffed, I'll make an effort to join as sec and enforce whatever station law is still in effect.  I most often perform security duties as HoP or Captain, and know well the process of stunning, handcuffing, searching, interrogating, and warning, fining, or imprisoning offenders.  I will never outright kill an offender unless they have fired first, or are some inhuman thing incapable of remorse.

In your opinion, what are the flaws and benefits of the current security layout (brig, cells, security room etc):
Cog 1: Seems like the lobby foyer is prone to break-ins and the brig is prone to break-outs, but otherwise the set up works pretty effectively.  The security podbay could be blocked off for added security, ensuring no criminals about to be imprisoned steal a ship.

Cog 2: I like this one a lot, a nice and securable entryway, an expansive and diverse main room, and a number of different imprisonment options.  Also has the most lockers which is nice.  The checkpoints are also nice reprieves to grab extra supplies or charge your taser.

Oshan: Feels a little cramped to me, and the brig is very easy to access from main hallways if you can blow up a wall.  I like the location in regards to the other parts of the station, and once more checkpoints add a welcome addition.

Atlas: No prison loaf chute, F.

Previous Bans (While this will not affect your application lying about it will):
Around 4 years back I became very mentally ill before eventually going into a psychiatric hospital.  Before I went in for treatment, I was playing a lot of SS13 and doing some bad things, like becoming so paranoid that I thought a random person hanging around medbay was a ling, so I stole his ID and stuffed him in the morgue chute in my erratic state.  I think I was daybanned for that, but there might have been other incidents around the same time which I cannot remember.  I regret just about everything I did when that ill, so please don't hold events that transpired when I was literally insane against me.  I'm a lot better now.

As a final note, I've been especially erratic in when I can play lately due to an ultra-fucked-up family crisis, which may've resulted in some games where I fuck off and hide in a locker when I can no longer play.  I promise you this is due to having to perform guard duty at my own house, and not because I'm not committed to the game.

I'll apply for mentor as well later on, as I like helping out newcomers IC or OOC, walking them through surgeries and stuff.
i really like your app but I don't think I've personally seen you enough to give you a plus 1. i've never had a poor interaction w/ you however so I'll throw out a +.75 because it's clear that you do care and your app makes me feel like you won't be a dickhead
I don't think I've ever seen your name before in game. Either that means I'm not playing when you are or you need to play more. This would be a Not Yet from me to this app.
What servers do you usually play on? (we really should have a section on the HoS app for you to put in what server you usually play on in)
That's fair, I'm usually on Goonstation #2 or #1 in that order, but I think I need to make my presence known a bit more. I'll still apply for mentor down the road, but you or whoever else can mark this as "later". Check back in like a month to see if I've done anything cool.
Your application has been denied due to lack of support. Better luck next time!

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