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"Subtle mixed" variation that has sneaky antags only
I had a brief discussion about mixed and vampire in the Discord and someone suggested that there be a version of mixed that only has the more stealthy sneaky antags.

Currently mixed has: Traitor, changeling, wizard, spy thief, blob, wraith, vampire and werewolf (last two are mixed exclusive antag selections, the rest also have their own dedicated mode or, in the case of wraith, rarely show up in traitor)

This variation of mixed I'm proposing would have: Traitor, changeling, spy thief and vampire.

Currently mixed is really rare because mixed rounds were these hyper violent chaos rounds where wizards and wolves rampaged and the shuttle got called early. It's not very fun to be a traitor or a changeling or vampire in this rounds in my opinion because oftentimes you'll get killed right away by a far stronger far more obvious rampage-oriented antagonist or you won't get a chance to do your cool stuff because everyone is dying/dead and the shuttle is on its way in 20 minutes.

I think this less chaotic version of mixed would combine the primary advantage mixed has (not being able to tell the roundtype just by identifying one traitor/ling/whatever) while also not having the main disadvantage of mixed. (the absurdly chaotic and fast-paced rounds that seemingly throw everything and the kitchen sink at you)

This would also give the new overhauled vampire a stage to shine on so to speak, I think they're more suited for a roundtype like that so it'd be good if they weren't exclusive to mixed (as mixed exists now). It'd also make them not only show up in the rarest mode and they seem to be really fun and good so they shouldn't be uncommon!
I honestly did not know this wasn't a thing already, and it really should be. The only hesitation is that traitors are usually not very subtle, so they may not fit in well if you want to go all in on the stealth aspect.
i agree that traitors arent very subtle, but maybe one non-subtle would make everyone else that much more hidden.

also, changeling is both really common and i believe in more gamemodes than anyone else, so id personally like to not have ling in this but it does make sense to have it
Well perhaps there could just be a chance for a changeling in a Subtle Mixed round?

I quite like this round type idea. Like Magic said, I'm surprised that this wasn't already a thing.

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