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Ban Appeal (Flourish) in relation to EchoFt
Who banned you?: Flourish banned my roommate who I share a laptop with
Byond Key: Sigmafox
Date of Ban: 5-14-19
Specified Reason for Ban: My roommate was banned for being rude and IC in OOC.
Ban Length: Perma-Ban
What led to the ban? I don't know the specifics of his shift. Do I have to explain it even though I wasn't the one banned persay?
Why am I appealing? / Why should I be unbanned: I think I should be unbanned since I did (almost) nothing wrong.
NEW 22/04 as a trial: Which rule did you break? Can't find the specific rule, but I'm sure it's in there. Don't try to evade bans.
Evasion Attempts: I changed the IP address on the computer, power cycled the router, and logged in with a separate account from EchoFt.
Thanks for getting in touch -
Even when a ban is applied in error or through some sort of mishap, our system is pretty robust when it comes to detecting evasion, which ends up being more trouble for everyone.

Especially when there's already an appeal being reviewed, bad idea to try to circumvent. Turns an innocent situation suspicious.
I'm gonna let Flourish clear up what's left to clear up with your roomie & if all goes well, i look forward to seeing both of you two around.
Hi, thanks for the appeal. Yeah, for future reference, if someone on the same network/someone you share a computer with gets banned, you'll have to get them to post an appeal. Ban evasion is tricky, and as Warcrimes said, just makes more trouble. I've unbanned you now.

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