Poll: Should BR be added to the rotation?
No - keep it as an admin gimmick round
Yes, as common as Nuke Ops Rounds
Yes, but very rarely (1-2% chance)
Replace BR with a game mode where you fight bubs irl
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Should Battle Royale be a game mode?
I like the idea of a shuttle call, would be cool if it just popped in to a random room
If there was a way for there to be a random vote (non-admin-activated) that gave the choice between the next round being secret as per usual, or battle royale, I'd like that (as I never got to play the actual battle royale on assday/april fools rip)
Though I really like the prospect of maps made specifically for this gamemode, I'd say you don't want people to be able to chose that gamemode through map vote. A good amount of people don't want it in rotation, even with very low occurence, and this kind of option I'm fairly sure would make the gamemode much more frequent than "very rare", which would be disregarding them entirely.
But maps could be made for admin triggered BR I guess?

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