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Appeal (Flourish
Who banned you?: Flourish

Byond Key: EchoFt

Date of Ban: May 14, 2019

Specified Reason for Ban: Reason: [SAY: you're doing this cuz im gay] [SAY: that's a little gay] [OOC: yeah that's a little retarded but whatevs] [OOC: oh noo i used a bad word] [OOC: grow the fuck up] [OOC: im saying it's retarded that i cant have my own roleplay] Refuses to read the rules when another player tells them to. Lots of IC in OOC as well. Has already logged off when this was brought to admin attention. Please read the rules and make an appeal on the forums if you'd like to play here

Ban Length: Permanent Ban

What led to the ban? I guess I'll go in chronological order. [SAY: you're doing this cuz im gay] was a joke (sort of?). Working together, I and a chemist named James Coquette got a voltagen together and affectionately called it our baby. I was attacking a clown for kidnapping and killing the voltagen and when I got arrested, I said that to the police officer. 
[SAY: that's a little gay] was another joke because the officer, punishing me for repeated attempts at murdering the clown, said "grab his ass". I thought it was a little funny. 
[OOC: yeah that's a little retarded but whatevs] [OOC: oh noo i used a bad word] [OOC: grow the fuck up] [OOC: im saying it's retarded that i cant have my own roleplay], that's pretty cut and dry; just me being an asshat.
"Refuses to read the rules when another player tells them to." Believe it or not I have actually read the rules and did re-read them in between shifts. This is why I'm not appealing the portion of me backtalking the admin. 
"Lots of IC in OOC as well", I am very careful at separating IC from OOC and I feel as if a couple of lines of speech could have been misconstrued as me replying to the admin rather than me speaking In-Character to the officer punishing me.
"Has already logged off when this was brought to admin attention." I stayed online through the remainder of the round and played a few minutes of the next shift before logging off to grab some food. I logged back online about 10 minutes later and played the remainder of that shift. Then played another shift and I receive the Ban Notice.

Why am I appealing? / Why should I be unbanned: I feel like I should be unbanned since I was not actually angry Out of Character until speaking to the admin. At which point, I was frustrated (I am not saying that me being frustrated is grounds for being unbanned, simply that I was maintaining the RP of an angry character). Secondly, I understand the language I was using was far more than a little intense and is not the environment Goonstation wishes to have on its server. Thirdly, I feel like the IC in OOC was mis-accused. Like I said earlier, I am very careful about separating the two Chats. It was an easy mistake to make because I was speaking in the same tone and the same vocabulary. Finally, I stayed online going into the next shift because I was aware of the rule that says to do so. I had not heard anything from any admin afterwards and assumed I was off the hook. 

NEW 22/04 as a trial: Which rule did you break? 
General Rule #2: Treating the admins with respect.
Roleplay Rule #9: Being sure to confirm with players involved in OOC if you wish to be rude or otherwise toxic when dealing with them In-Game.

Evasion Attempts: I did not mean to purposely evade any punishment.
Hi, thanks for the appeal.

First, you may be confusing mentors and admins. A mentor (people with purple OOC text; admins have red) told you to read the rules; no admins were online during that time. When it says "had already logged off when this was brought to admin attention" in your ban reason, this is what that means. Normally, this would just warrant a conversation in PMs, but since we weren't online at the same time, that talk has to happen here on the forums.

What I mean by IC in OOC is mentioning in character events in out of character chat. So, for example, saying that you had a baby voltagen in OOC. In the grand scheme of things that may seem very minor, but being dismissive of breaking that rule is no good.

You're correct in that this sort of language isn't what we want to have here. Can you give the rules another read and tell me what rule your language broke?
I guess "Rule 4: No Bigotry or sexual content" could apply also.

Yes, you're correct I was mistaking admins and mentors.

"Keep IC and OOC separate. Do not use the OOC channel to spoil IC (In Character) events, such as the identity of an antagonist. Even if something seems minor to you, as long as it pertains to the current round and characters, you should not be mentioning it in OOC. Likewise, do not treat IC chat like OOC (saying things like ((this round is great)) over radio, etc)." This is the IC/OOC rule. I can understand how the third sentence applies to the conversation in OOC but also, would I not be even more punished if I didn't acknowledge or even reply to the mentors in OOC?
Hi there - why did you just try to log in with the "sigmafox" account?
I share the laptop with a roommate. She assumed she could play by changing the IP and rebooting the router. I should have posted something when it happened. I believe it was at around 2300.
Your roommate who just so happened to register that account right after you were banned? Uh huh.
Right after? It was about 6 hours. And she wanted to try the game, I told her I was banned and she was like "just change the IP and power cycle the router"
"fine, i'll do it"
That's unfortunate, but if that's the case, your roommate is going to need to explain their attempt to evade the ban, so we can make sure they understand the rules and the procedures we've established here.

Invite them to register to the forums and post a quick appeal with the same template, so we can get the Sigmafox account (and by extension, your home) unbanned.

Generally not a good idea to fiddle with bans
Alright, thank you very much.
Yep, it's rule 4 that I was mainly concerned about. Additionally, there are many ways to communicate with others in OOC without revealing in character information. Please keep this conversation and the rules in mind as you play! I've unbanned you now.

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