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Vengarr's HOS application
Usual Character Name: Wilt Rangdow
BYOND Username: Vengarr
Recommended by (if applicable): Sord213
Times Available: Time is relative

Reason for Application (300 word minimum): Having a good Head of Security just makes rounds better. They're the one Command staff who are always guaranteed to be on the stations' side, and they have both the power and the authority to clamp down on troublemakers. Of course, that's also what makes the role so easy to abuse. A bad Head of Security is worse than nothing at all. It's why it's a whitelisted job.

I'm applying because I don't see enough Heads of Security, and I also don't see enough good Heads of Security. As an antagonist, having a real adversary to go against is way more fun than mindlessly blowing up the bar again. As a station member, having someone competent watching your back gives you more freedom to do your own thing, without worrying about getting killed in a random katana drive-by. It's a win/win. Unless you lose. Then it's ShitSec's fault.

Another reason to apply is that Security appears to attract newer players. It's an appealingly straight-forward job compared to (for instance) Research—it doesn't require having the wiki open in a tab, and everyone has some experience shooting things in video games. Unfortunately, the sheer complexity of BYOND and SS13 usually lead to them getting crushered by the clown and swearing off Sec forever. I actually saw this happen last round, including the “swearing off sec forever” part, and that's really what compelled me to apply. Having the beret and the title means people are more likely to listen and learn from you. Being able to tutor new players can help them survive long enough to actually enjoy the game. Having more skilled Sec players—players in general, really—can only better the servers' health.

Security Experience (300 word minimum): I play Sec, Captain, and other head roles a lot. I'm not incredibly robust, but I try to be competent and apply common sense to help make the game run smoothly. I especially like using forensics to track down criminals--it's something a lot of Sec players ignore, but it makes for a lot of great play and (potentially) counter-play. I also prefer a managerial/command role than spending a lot of time chasing badguys myself. Even sec teams full of good, experienced players can really benefit from someone coordinating all the different Lone Rangers running around. Occasionally, they need someone reigning them in. You're a loose cannon, Kowalski! I'm taking your badge!

I like to roleplay and play a lot on Goon 1, but I don't really go for gimmicks. In my opinion, the best Heads are the ones who help enable good play/roleplay from others. Trying to force a gimmick is often worse than sitting back and playing off what other people are doing that round. I do like trials, though. Trials are fun, permabrigging is not. Petty criminals should be cycled out of the brig quickly, unless they're repeatedly causing problems for people. I don't like executing people either, since its just a really boring conclusion and a waste of potential. My policy is that it's better (read: more fun) to draft captured antagonists in some capacity, or at the very worst, borg or exile. Electropacks exist for a reason!

Tickets also exist for a reason. I try to encourage fellow sec players to write tickets and fines for minor/funny stuff, when things aren't too hairy. People enjoy getting them and reading them as much as we enjoy giving them out. Win/win.

In your opinion, what are the flaws and benefits of the current security layout (brig, cells, security room etc): One flaw is the automatic flushers in the brigs. If Mister Stirstir takes it, or the poor greyshirt in the brig doesn't know how to use it, a crim can be stuck in a cell for an additional 5-20 minutes depending on how busy/unresponsive Sec is. 

While it's not a flaw of the “security layout”, one real problem is how underutilized a lot of security equipment is. Using a whistle to get peoples' attention, the port-a-brig, forensics, the bomb squad stuff, the portable flashers, the pods, the checkpoint flushers—Sec has a lot of tools that rarely get used. That (plus Security attracting newer players) means they're usually on the back foot vs. competent traitors. On the flip side, when that stuff IS used to its full capacity it often catches traitors off-guard. Leading to early arrests and less fun.

Sec is pitifully easy to break into on some maps, particularly with the RCD. It's really annoying on rounds without a HoS when traitors have easier access to the Armory than actual sec officers. I would suggest that the armory walls be made out of whatever Unobtainium that the adventure zone walls are.

Lastly, the biggest benefit is that Sec is easy to find and easy to navigate. That makes it a much smoother experience for new players compared to, say, the engine room.

Previous Bans (While this will not affect your application lying about it will): None.
Unfortunately, you need to have been playing for at least three months to apply for HoS. Feel free to try again in June!

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