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Things that should make cool sounds (That don't)
Mbc said I should make a forums thread for this, so this is a thread dedicated to things that should make sounds that don't.

Doors bolting should make a loud THUNK, implanters should make a CHNK and hacking should make sounds, like screwdriver sounds when you open the panel and wirecutter snipping when you cut wires.

Silly Suggestions that maybe aren't as good: Coughing sounds and sneezing sounds. Those would be quite funny and probably startling sometimes as they can happen randomly.
jetpacks/rocket shoes could use a improvement
squishing noises when stepping in splatters of vomit/blood/whatever

more instrument-bonking noises, similar to saxophones

when you smash someone against a piano, it should sound like someone's face is getting smashed into the keys

if someone does *think or *contemplate (if that is an actual verb), then there should be a 'hmm' sound

maybe pods could make cool nyoooooom sounds when moving?

if you start drowning while underwater you should make 'glub glub' sounds for a few seconds until all the air in your lungs is gone
Do borgs have any movement sounds at all? And what about treads that are on humans? Maybe those could get a specific movement sound. Mechanized boots should make some kind of hydraulic sound.

Extending on the door hacking, pulsing should make a sound. Maybe a little electric buzz.

Swapping chems from containers by drag dropping doesnt make a sound.

Opening containers, like the small boxes or backpacks, by drag dropping doesnt make the sound they would when clicked in hand (nor the animation).

Entering and leaving vehicles, or atleast pods, could use some sounds.
Driving any vehicle, except subs, doesnt make any sound.
I really don't like the sound the M92 pistol makes. Its not silenced as far as I can tell so it should make a loud bang
Just have it a voice clip of some guy shouting "BANG"
I prefer the already admin option of the gun gently saying "shoot".
We need some more bird noises. Right now they sound too human.
Harvesting plants and maybe scanning things with one of the many scanners we have could make a sound.

Buttons and the blast/hangar doors dont make a sound.

Pulling items should make a slight scratching sound. The only thing that does that atm is chairs.
I don't think clapping does, does it? That might be one where it would be helpful to remove any delay, so you can clap rapidly or do a slow clap
(05-13-2019, 05:11 AM)Frank_Stein Wrote: I don't think clapping does, does it? That might be one where it would be helpful to remove any delay, so you can clap rapidly or do a slow clap

There seems to be a whole bunch of emotes, but some of the commands for their lists dont work for me.

Maybe the new ass-clap sound could be used for clapping? Highfives could also need a clap sound. 
I was also thinking of a short "Hey" for the wave emote, but not sure if it would always fit, since it could be used for waving goodbye.
There should be a laugh and giggle sound.
Have swooshing noises for hand wave
Use the default human laugh from WoW classic for *laugh.
Concussive gauntlets, and magic artifacts.

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