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[Feature] Adventure Elements on .dmm Files
[Image: unknown.png]

The Adventure Build Mode is an admin tool that allows admins (and occasionally players!) to create persistent adventures cross round. The idea here is that we could create, live, adventures for people to play in, and then save them and reload them cross rounds

The problem is that this tool became increasingly laggy and slow, to the point that Urs Dungeon 4 was cancelled due to having a load time of over 1 hour.

The obvious next step for the admins and coders who were babysitting my efforts to create dungeons was for us to move the Urs Dungeon project, and other adventure mode projects, to .dmm files. However, nobody ever really picked up the code work and the idea of large adventure dungeons died in mid-2016.

The problem with moving the adventure mode elements over to being persistent on the map is that Marquesas coded them entirely within the context of the build mode tool, meaning that they were always intended to be linked live during runtime by somebody tying everything together, so either they needed to be reworked or a helper object needed to be made.

Finally, I decided that if I really cared so much, I should just go ahead and pick up the project myself, so I did smile

This patch implements two helper objects: element_link and target_link, which link together elements on the map as the map loads.

It also has adv_test.dmm, a small map showcasing the new functionality working for a variety of adventure elements.

  • /obj/adventurepuzzle/element_link
    • allows you to set up trigger-triggerable relationships on .dmm files
  • /obj/adventurepuzzle/triggerable/targetable
    • groups together various targetable triggerables for use by target_link
  • /obj/adventurepuzzle/invisible/target_link
    • allows you to set a target for targetable triggerables on .dmm files
  • adv_test.dmm
    • map for showcasing the various adventure elements and some of their functionality
Closing Remarks:

I believe that this patch is the first step toward a small redesign of other off-station adventure elements, or at least a very powerful supplement. I'm super excited to see what everyone makes with it, and obviously, if it's merged, you'll be seeing Urs Dungeon 5 hit your screens sooner rather than later wink

Thanks everyone for making this one of the single greatest communities I've ever been a part of.

prpr: UM-002
big thank you <3

also, whenever this is merged I'l merge it to 2016 as well

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