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Overheard On The Station (And Elsewhere)
Quote:DEAD: Ghost (Dexter Grifflez) laments, "Mutated dissolve as I went to click telepathy."
DEAD: Ghost (Dexter Grifflez) wails, "Dead."
Dinosaur Land [145.9] declares, "shhhhh.... I'm hunting for the wild Chief Engineer Itzel Pfeifer - An extremely rare breed of useless!"
Damian Garneys says, "i am the law"
Sham Poo nods.
Jacob Dwarfe says, "No"
Jacob Dwarfe says, "I AM THE LAW"
Damian Garneys punches Jacob Dwarfe!
Damian Garneys knocks out Jacob Dwarfe!
Sham Poo says, "heh"
I would like to point out that I went on to kick both of your asses and steal the HoS' hat and uniform!

So, I truly am the law!! cool
David Laserpanda [145.9] says, "My name says Panda but I am not a panda"
MENTORHELP: Epicdwarf/(Kevin Kevinson): Didn't we end crit?

Mentor PM: Atomicthumbs->Epicdwarf: i'll end your crit
Quote:reginald Maegn bellows, "HH E LL LL AA HH , BB AAAA HH A HH :))!!!!!!!!!"

happy b-day whoever had their birthday today
Isaac Kirkhope [145.9] says, "buy heroin from a doctor in a clown suit wearing a cake"

Isaac Kirkhope was selling hardcore drugs in the market during a wizard round.

Isaac Kirkhope says, "Give the syringe back if you don't mind."
Isaac Kirkhope says, "We recycle here."

Rube Potter says, "Selling drugs are illegal"
Isaac Kirkhope says, "heroin is medicinal"
Quote:Dr. Katznelson says, "CAPTAIN GOT EATEN BY THE CLOWN"
From IRC:
Adminhelp: "I seem to be stuck in a clown car. Is this normal?"
DEAD: Ghost (Syndicate Agent) laments, "everything is fire"
Syndicate Agent [145.9] says, "All I HEAR ARE EXPLOSIONS AND SCREAMS"
the maechoh menn flies through the ceiling!
the mahcho Men aggressively grabs the mahtchoe maen!
the mahcho Men crushes the mahtchoe maen's skull like a grape!
DEAD: Ghost (Shitty Bill) moans, "Goddamn I love this country."
Quote:DEAD: Ghost (Fiona A. Brennan) moans, "to be fair I made sure no one was near the cookies when I burned them."
The fat and sassy space-bee respectfully declines, being a strict nectarian.
Shawn Cater exclaims, "wtf xD... iam new, can someone introduce me ^^!"
OOC: CharlesQ: Shawn Cater exclaims, "wtf xD... iam new, can someone introduce me ^^!"
DEAD: Ghost (Discount Dan) moans, "Shawn Cater exclaims, "wtf xD... iam new, can someone introduce me ^^!"#"

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