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Unban Appeal - Banned by my Dad (Gerhazo)
Cause I was given shekels from a Dutch friend that I used to play with a lot. I still have them in my desk and they're pretty cool.
You were told to change your byond key as a condition of being unbanned. I think you know what part of your byond key is the issue. This is not the place to discuss how if it's offensive or not, you were told it wasn't welcome here and that's all there is to it.

Simply change your key to something uncontroversial and that'll be the end it.
I think the whole shekel stealing was a problem, but definitely not shekel keeping, as I am literally a keeper of shekels, I'll go with that. See ya when the account is done
See you back here in a minute then.

edit: in case that was unclear, shekel keeper is also not ok. You cannot have shekel in your name full stop. Running out of patience here.
Done, open the doors

oh I can't have shekel keeper?

Well now I'm out of emails to chose from

I've been jumping through so many hoops, chutes and ladders, just let me have it

aww man

Well now I'm stuck
Appeal denied.
Haha, I was changing it

Literally just deactivated it

Patience is a virtue

Appeal denied.
Byond key is Friendly Username
You're jumping through hoops alright, but they're hoops you made yourself. This should have been a simple process, it is for 90% of people that make appeals but you couldn't leave well enough alone.

You were banned because you were metagaming and your byond key being inappropriate. All you had to do was change your byond key to something inoffensive and then describe the ways you were metagaming (which your friend didn't seem to have an issue with). Believe it or not, most of us don't want to ban people, we just want everyone to follow the rules. And if you could have been reasonable enough to do so here then this thread wouldn't have gotten so derailed and you would have been unbanned. And now here we are.

Appeal undenied.
Ya got us there hoo boy

Apply again in two weeks. Post any more bullshit and it's a forum ban. Patience is a virtue.
OH MY YOU DID IT, YOU GOT ME THERE. Dude I am not even angry, oh my god that was amazing

hahaha! there is no recovering from that

aw gg

see you in two weeks

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