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Gerhazo 2 Yesterday
Admin name: Gerhazo
Server: Goonstation 2
Date/Time: Around 5 o clock yesterday
Synopsis: Yesterday I took a can bomb onto the escape shuttle with the intention of detonating it after the round end at centcom. While I was trying to do so, someone else came up and detonated it by clipping all of the wires. It was never my intention to detonate it before the end of the round, and I had been told by an admin previously that using them as a round end thing was fine. Gerhazo banned me after this, despite verifying that another admin told me that it was ok. I feel that it is unfair that I was banned because someone decided to detonate something I made.
I checked the PMs and you were told it's allowed to detonate bombs after the escape shuttle lands at central command.

Nothing about you being allowed to bring it to the escape shuttle and just arm it there which obviously lead to someone from the massive crowd causing it to detonate.

This wasn't even a sneakingly hidden TTV that sometimes people carry to the shuttle and detonate once it lands at centcom, but a whole canister bomb plopped in the middle of the shuttle, which is extremely dangerous(as demonstrated by the dozens of people blowing up in transit).

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