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Vendetta's HoS Application
Usual Character Name: Kyle Johan Edwards
BYOND Username: Vendetta2Sp00ky
Recommended by (if applicable): N/A
Times Available: 4-10 CST / ( Depends on my work schedule changing )

Reason for Application (300 word minimum):

My experience in SS13 varies from the past two years, however my experience with RP in general goes all the way back into 2011. Most of my experience deals with HL2RP, but I decided to make the switch to SS13 quite some time ago - acquiring a taste for the actual game mechanics behind the game. HL2RP deals with a lot of /me's in order to perform actions. There really isn't too much that's going on as far as game mechanics go. Eventually, I became bored with HL2RP, as I had progressed through essentially every form of position, or rank you could acquire - Becoming even a Sectorial Commander on several occasions - an entity that is actually a " Universal Union " entity, and is the commander of all union assets within the city.

The reason I bring this up, is because of the fact that I have quite a bit of experience with either security, or in a serious RP setting - civil protection. Either way, I have both experience in the types of RP SS13 has to offer - as well as HL2RP, which is strictly serious. Therefor - I have gone through enough situations to have acquired a considerable amount of tenure with how to deal with things whenever everything goes south - as well as keeping a level head in high stress situations.

Never the less, SS13 is more relaxed - at least on this server. I've found my time on goon to be most enjoyable. I feel as though this is a great opportunity to take my experience to the next step by attempting to acquire an HOS whitelist. I feel as though that since I am usually maining as a security officer - it may be beneficial and worth while to bring some of my experience from other servers, and other forms of role play into this server.

Security Experience (300 word minimum):

I've played as security on most servers - including High RP servers such as " Bay Station " - I believe my experience is to a point where I have a bit of " common sense " as to what types of punishment would be sufficient for certain crimes - and what might be considered going overboard in terms of sentencing. At the end of the day, it's all about enjoying the game. I definitely take no pleasure in ruining someones round by being vindictive. I can also be very by the book at times for repeat offenders - but that's what's required for this role.

As far as my familiarization with space law - I'm pretty knowledgeable on the laws put in place on most servers. In terms of what other server I currently main as security on - I also play bee station, and can commonly be seen there partaking in that role. Either way, I've been playing SS13 for the better part of 2 years - so I do have quite a bit of experience when it comes to fulfilling that role. I do want to point back towards the fact that I have a bit more experience in Serious RP on HL2RP communities on garrysmod - but this being said there are several areas of civil protection service that are quite similar to how security is actually played. I think the main difference is that the civil protection acts a bit more aggressively, and carries out harsher - and sometimes ethically questionable verdicts on individuals partaking in criminal activities.

As far as how my experience has influenced my play style? I am a firm believer in establishing checkpoints around the station, in order to ensure that security is maintained. I also am a firm believer in communication being strengthened to a point that other available units will be able to converge on an officers location within a 1-2 minute threshold for all occurrences. I definitely believe that security, and head of security should be taken seriously - and that those who are playing these roles should be fully prepared to actually carry out their duties.

In your opinion, what are the flaws and benefits of the current security layout (brig, cells, security room etc):

I believe that the brig itself is pretty secure - however the entire point of security is to ensure that the entire station is safe from various types of criminal activity, and contraband. This is where establishing checkpoints comes into play. I also believe that the various security stations throughout the station - when properly utilized, can be extremely beneficial to the strategic emplacement of checkpoints throughout the station.

I honestly do wish that the security stations throughout the map were being used more often for something more than just recharging your baton, and taser. This is something that I will personally be working on whenever I play HOS. I want to be extremely engaged within this position, as well as creating an atmosphere that allowed other security officers to be actively engaged in their duties as well - setting up a playing field for interesting, and intriguing role play.

Previous Bans (While this will not affect your application lying about it will):

This was back in October of last year that I appealed this ban. This being said, I definitely learned my lesson.
I've never once seen you play security/seen you. Do you mostly play on RP1?

I like your app & you definitely seem like a more than adept manager, but I can't give you a +1 being as I've never seen you before
(04-27-2019, 11:16 AM)OMJ Wrote: I've never once seen you play security/seen you. Do you mostly play on RP1?

I like your app & you definitely seem like a more than adept manager, but I can't give you a +1 being as I've never seen you before

I believe I may have played RP1 a bit more, in the past.

(04-27-2019, 11:38 AM)Vendetta2Sp00ky Wrote:
(04-27-2019, 11:16 AM)OMJ Wrote: I've never once seen you play security/seen you. Do you mostly play on RP1?

I like your app & you definitely seem like a more than adept manager, but I can't give you a +1 being as I've never seen you before

I believe I may have played RP1 a bit more, in the past.

It's been pretty varied, to be honest.
Solid no based on a few reasons:

- A relatively very low number of games played, I don't recognise the name nor most people seem to either.
- From observation a tendency to introduce memespeak in the IC or OOC chat which gives off a very immature vibe.
- Fair number of out-of-the-line behavior in the past. Though it didn't occur recently, you also haven't played much.

I observed a trial HoS round organised by OMJ(really interesting idea!) and the results weren't very promising.
Many prioritization issues, i.e. arresting an officer for trying to wrassle a matchoehh mannh in brig(heh) while there were reports of the captain being assassinated, arresting another person for a minor offense while an officer's critical health alert went off, poor security procedure i.e. bucklecuffing a guy and having an officer on flash-duty on them or dragging a cuffed guy into the armory to shoot riot shotguns at them.

Don't really think you have the proper skillset for it, at least yet.
Update: came on round after I made that, let them be the HoS for the round while I observed them as a ghost: firm no. Fiiiiirm no. Didn't listen whatsoever to other cops over radio, arrested an officer when they came to wrestle a Maetzoh Maen in the brig (and ignored an officer going into crit while yelling about a traitor [giving locations the entire time]), bucklecuffed a traitor & kept flashing them (then assassinated them ten minutes later- they were a football player who hadn't murdered anyone but were definitely aggro), and the entire time just felt super micromanagey and kind of an asshole.

Should note that while the person was bucklecuffed, someone came in and stunned all of sec- around three officers. Kyle ignored this and didn't even chase after them! After they got up, THEN they murdered the aforementioned traitor in the armory.
What else: the way you speak to security is more of a general over a HoS. It's very grating. I really dislike your commanding style because it isn't truly commanding- you just come off as a powertripping dickhead. Ideally, a HoS should lead from the front and by example. I didn't see any of that- just empty, blind ordering people around without actually paying attention to what was going on. I found it baffling that you didn't once ask why people went into crit when you got the PDA message, why you just straight up ignored John Johnson while they were fighting a traitor and were badly injured (which you got a notification of on your PDA) to....arrest a fucking officer for doing nothing (and pulling said officer inside the armory).

You tell people to patrol but don't do any of it. When toxins blew, I didn't see you check up on what was going on. When the AI was being suspected of subversion, you didn't check the upload. A managerial style is good, absolutely, but you don't make any attempts at it. You just blindly give orders and act like the head fuckin' honcho while contributing nothing. Your communication skills are lacking (surprising because of your high RP muscle- not even asking what's going on to security, just relying on people telling you face to face), your security skills are lacking outside of the whole flash and stun people while they're already restrained and pose no threat.

Be more active with what's going on in the round instead of micromanaging the brig. Give more reactive orders outside of "patrol." On discord you mentioned having the objective of every single threat being responded to in 2 minutes from security but you did nothing to achieve that- you blindly just said patrol. Not patrol where. Not patrol an area. Not address an immediate threat even- you were totally ignorant of any threat unless you physically were looking at them.

Just patrol.

To which, I vote just no. Be a nicer person.
I've never heard of this person ever. I at first wondered if it was because they played on Goon1 only but no. Apparently they barely play on Goon at all.
Gunna have to be a no from me dawg
Ah, another kyle, I'm inclined to support em wherever I find em, it's us kyles against the world after all. But I don't think I've seen you play enough for me to say what kind of player you are. I've heard your character name once in game, but I can't remember having any interaction with you and I play pretty frequently.

Your application is rather well written which is a plus, but what really sells me on someone who wants to be HoS is that they've played enough and well enough that I am familiar with the name and their playstyle so I can say they won't be a shit HoS. And I can't say I've seen enough to give it a "Yes".
Your application has been denied due to lack of support. Better luck next time!

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