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Discord ban appeal Thexus
I got banned while I was asleep without any reasoning or recent warning. I did send a few DMs to Cirrial about what I found by flocking, because that could kinda break the game if gets public, but I thought it was more helpful than annoying.
messaging Cirr had nothing to do with it, you were banned from discord for a history of rude and disrespectful comments. here are a few examples:

#2 (main) Apr 13 2019 5:53am
OOC: Thexus: blob gay. Was on ass day, reminded that these kinds of rules still function, just the griefing ones are relaxed.

[Image: 9eeda944bf.png]

#2 (main) Apr 14 2019 7:49am
Was mindslaved and told to kill a guy, walked up to said guy and said "I must kill you, I have been ordered to". Was told not to reveal that he's been mindslaved even if they don't say who mindslaved them as this immediately got his implant removed. Also had "A huge fucking retard." as his examine text, was asked to change this. Agreed to both.

#2 (main) Apr 24 2019 11:05am
Said "I'm retarded", was told not to say this here again, responded to the ahelp with "teach me how to dab". Was told not to respond to ahelps with jokes like this. This is the second time he's been told not to call things retarded, get on his case if he does this again.

[Image: 986fd9db74.png]

[Image: 91c264f1cc.png]

[Image: 99de518455.png]

you've been warned about language several times and the issues continued, so the ban was applied.
Is this ban permanent?
well, due to this kind of stuff coupled with the copious notes about bad behavior you have accumulated in a single month on the servers, it's going to stay permanent until we see that you are actually able to be a positive, non-abrasive member of the community.

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