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sierra mist
Don't forget the basics: Messages, Notetaker, and Robustris
I'm not done yet v
[Image: unknown.png]

ms paint mockup of what a construction popup with steel sheets would have (or potentially other things).

possible other ideas: clicking some things would give you a popup to pick a style or amount, so e.g. you could pick floor tiles to make various colored ones instead of always getting the boring floors, though thatd take some real work on turfs / floor tiles in general and might go better as using them inhand or something

[Image: unknown.png]

[Image: unknown.png]

[Image: unknown.png]

various ms paint mockups for fabricator interfaces

Quote:1:15 AM]Zamujasa:
right now as far as i know fabs are limited to like 5 or 7 "categories", so you'd they'd have to be broken down a bit more into like "cyborg parts" / "cyborg upgrades" / "surgery tools" / "tools" / "construction materials" etc

[1:16 AM]Zamujasa:
the idea of using symbols instead of the current "5 sturdy metal, 7 quantum farts, 12 high energy conductors" is that there isnt really a good way to tell what those mean, or what a loaded material actually counts for - they'd have the names on tooltip (like hovering over "C" would show "crystal")

also i made these mockups at like 1:30am on a worknight don't judge me
[Image: p7pqxKa.png]

coming soon, maybe
hell yes please
implement the mspaint interface also
Many times better than the current one. But does this still have the auto refresh problem, closing the CTRL + F window?
the refresh problem will probably just have to be solved by adding a manual refresh button. i'd like to get it sorted by name too but sorting things is surprisingly nontrivial
[Image: unknown.png]

[Image: unknown.png]

still a work in progress
v excited for menus that don't look like they are from 1995
fun fact: my aim for design era is around 2004-2005 when things were looking nice but before the gradients took over everything (and then later total flatness)

apparently the job menu code sucks so i will probably be rewriting that
lordy this stuff would all be such a massive improvement
i hate how the quotes on the forum look so i made a slight bit of custom css to fix it

[Image: 8aswLB3.png]

[Image: clsYV7F.png]

i don't know why i bother


the drag-and-drop stuff is still a wip. i keep getting sidetracked with other shit and work has been busy.
Very neat.
[Image: unknown.png]

fucking around with varedit maptext. one of many possibilities for making borg ui less bad

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