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Been banned? Read this!
You must not post on ban appeal threads unless you are appealing or you are a staff member.

Okay, if you've been banned, it's highly likely we can talk it through and fix it. It is very rare that a permanent ban is a permanent ban - in a lot of cases we use a permanent ban when someone has logged off and we can't speak to them. It makes you come here for a chat. Don't let it put you off.


Copy the below template, paste it into your thread and put the admin's name somewhere in your thread title. If you are unsure of the banning admin, please type "Unknown" so we can look it up. If you choose not to use this template, it's highly likely that the ban appeal will be locked. Please do it right.

Who banned you?: (Put this in the thread's title too. If you don't know put Unknown)
Byond Key: (Without this, we cannot act on the ban. This is the username you log into with). 
Date of Ban: (A guess is okay if it was a while back or you don't remember exactly).
Specified Reason for Ban: (You should be able to connect and copy and paste this reason. If connecting to the server doesn't display a reason let us know).
Ban Length: (If this is 24 hours or less then it better be some seriously bad moderation by our staff and you probably want an Admin Complaint instead. If it's a permanent ban you should wait a month, unless the ban reason tells you to come here to appeal this.)
What led to the ban? (Give us as much detail as you can, including being completely honest about what happened and why you did whatever got you banned. We have full logs of every action and word spoken in every round, so don't try and hide things or it will only end up with even worse things).
Why am I appealing? / Why should I be unbanned: (This is where you convince us that lifting your ban is a good idea.)
Which rule did you break? (Read the rules. Find out, specifically, which rule or rules you were breaking. Show us you've read the rules!)
Evasion Attempts: (Did you try rebooting your router? Logging in with a new account? Changing computers? All of these are evasion attempts. Make sure you're honest - our system catches a lot.)


BEFORE YOU WRITE YOUR APPEAL - Think carefully about what you are going to write! This isn't as simple as post thread -> get unbanned. You are writing an appeal. You are appealing to the admin staff's sense of fair play. If your appeal boils down to 'I'm sorry I got caught' or 'I didn't realize you have an arbitrary rule against something I think is perfectly fine', your appeal isn't going to go as well as an appeal that boils down to 'I thought about the rules, I think I understand now why you guys think they are so important, now that I understand the rule, I won't break it again'. Be polite, be thoughtful, and keep in mind that you broke rules which are in place for a reason. If you are having trouble understanding the reasoning behind a rule, feel free to drop by IRC and ask around. We don't want sucking up - we want a change in behaviour. 

DON'T LIE - We have a tremendous amount of logging capability and in all but extreme cases can tell exactly what went on. This includes trying to log in with different keys, on different computers and all the usual ban evasion bits that go with it. If caught lying to us, it is likely the terms of your ban will change.

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